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Thursday, January 26, 2012

winter roundup....

not gonna front...we are rockin some winter lovins here, but to be totally straight up, they begin AND end with hockey.

other than that, we have our eyes on the prize...i think we talk, and plan, and strategize DAILY about the absolute fastest way to get ourselves to the sand and sun...and this mama is STILL rockin' some totally smokin' cleavage tan lines, which make me smile. theory, all is well... (and/or i spend TOO much time baking in the summer, because it is almost february....)

so, despite the winterness, even though it has been mild for this time of year, i still kinda hate on winter, and am fairly certain i am suffering from post.traumatic.2011.winter.syndrome. BUT, i am finding lots of goodz still, and am grateful for that...

*lovin on KALE. seriously, KALE is amazing...and for some f-ed up reason i feel the need to capitalize like, KALE damnit! but really, maybe it should be capitalized, because damn...that shit is AMAZING. i make KALE chips on the regular, and have totally be known to rock a KALE smoothie several times a week...yes, for real.

*avocados are the new butter....or cheese....or whatever else you normally use as a spread....i have always had mad love for avocados...but now, i am straight up obsessed...not gonna go get an avocado tattoo or anything, but still...(i may get a KALE! tat though...i hot right?)

* and carrot juice.
* and beanie snuggle time
* and wednesday ice skating with just benji
* and the giant eyesore of a hockey rink in our FRONT yard, that totally makes me smile, AND how many people smile when they drive by and the whole crew is out tearing up the ice....people DIG hockey....and we so do too...
* a mama HOCKEY team..uhm AWESOME? yeah...i am beyond excited about this new development...just sayin.
*and black eyed peas...the beans, not the band...
*and boodah butter lotion...holy amazingness.
*and letting things go....exhaling and not fretting about the petty shit.
*and cacao...this powder is like speed...for real. whole house clean in one hour for real...
*and hot showers.
*, just and...that there IS an and....that i feel like even when things aren't perfect,(which they NEVER are, and we would so not want them to be...) they are still really good...and that is just good shit man. it just is.