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Friday, April 30, 2010


today i am taking stock.

i am looking around me, at all the goodness.  i have done some really wonderful reconnecting in the last day, with myself, my husband, whom i might add, is truly the most amazing man,  and some of the people in my life that i am so very blessed by.

i know that my statements yesterday sent some uneasy waves around my circle,  but it wasn't meant to be that way.  i am good.  i am okay.  i have had a tough couple weeks, but it is all part of the process of finding my way, and redefining myself a bit.  i am good.  i really am, and i am okay.  

the first step in this process is to make changes, and to refocus, and to remember that being a mama and a wife and a daughter and friend and a lover and an artist and such, is that these are only some of the things that define me.  they are huge things, but not the only things.  i got into a rut, and i am digging my way out.  i am remembering that me is a good thing to be, and that even though it is comfortable to hide behind my children, it is also empowering to stand up and walk proud as an individual as well....all while loving up my little commune of peeps around me.

i write to write,  and clear my head.  it's a freaking busy place lately...but it's a good place,  and just please know, that i am fine.  i am on a good path, and i am so excited to see where it leads.  
thank you to all who called and wrote, and sent emails, and who are part of my support circle, to have your support means so much.  you all rock my world daily, and are part of what make it such an amazing place to be.  i. am. blessed.  


xo, *a


Thursday, April 29, 2010

life for reals....

after a few "gentle" reminders, it has come to my attention, that i have not been on this site for like ever. i know. it's lame. but i have been in a strange place these days....

not even one so much that i can elaborate on, but strange none-the-less.

i have some amazing people in my life, and i am so so blessed....they have totally stepped up and rocked my world, and are helping guide me through this weird space, so that i come out just exactly where i need to be.

i am making some changes, for starters, i am tuning in and logging off. facebook has taken over my life... as much as i hate to admit that and type those words....i have been spending far to much time socially "networking" and far too little time focusing on the real world that is moving and shaking all around me...

and i am running. like hell. in the right direction. i am channeling my energy in the RIGHT direction....which is SO important.

my girl nina came for a visit on earth day, and i have no idea for those amazing hours where my phone was. AND, i didn't care. it was a big is time to unplug...and revel in all the wonderful going on around me that is day to day, that i sometimes take for granted. the time is now peeps.

i also had an AMAZING chat with a very dear soul whom i simply adore, out ashville way, who opened my eyes, woke me up, and rocked my world...and most of all, reminded me that i am okay, and that i am going to BE okay. that i need to focus on my friends, that is what i am going to do....

if i am a bit distant or in another headspace, i will come that what is meant to be -will be.

i will be HERE....NOW....