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Thursday, August 30, 2007

down time.

hey y'all.

been a tough couple of weeks here, hence no posting. I lost a student from where I teach when I am not constantly on a maternity leave. he was 10 years old, and had been battling nueroblastoma for years. He was a sweet child, and I have been so utterly heartbroken for his family...

his story is here if you want to read it. it is certainly worth the time.

his mom spoke at the service, she didn't cry, she read the most beautiful message. she spoke for about 20 minutes, it was a strength i have never in my life witnessed. I hope to never be in her shoes. but if I am, I hope to be as amazing a women and mom as she is.

I also have been battling a stomach thing that keeps returning, and SUCKS. I spend way to much time in the bathroom, NO time at the gym, and am awfully moody as a result.

So, what to do in the meantime? well, we had a taggy-tag tag sale, and scored 400.00 bucks, to go staight to the bills, LOVELY.

I have been sewing some sweet cuddlin' blankies....

I have been gardening like it is nobodys really. I am talking baskets full o' stuff every day, resulting in some kick ass meals. AMAZING. Yeah I know had a tomato problem....move on...and while your movin' on, take some of mine, PLEASE.

and most importantly, chillin' with the beans.
benji is sitting up alone, trying to crawl, and even standing in his crib...quite frankly, I am not ready for this.
T is still a rockstar. up to her usual buisness.

last week I came into the playroom to check on the, and to my amazement, they were playing quite well....uh, yeah right, they were playing "time out." I watched just out of their sight, and this is how it went...

M: okay, do something bad...(hee-hee)
T: do you have a GYNA???(hee-heee)
M: You know better, we don't talk like that, no GO TO TIME OUT!!(complete with finger pointing and hand on hip)
T: okay M i will.

she wanders to the step, sits, stands, comes back, and they do it all over again, and again, and again. LOVELY. freakin' lovely.

and M is good, going back to school next week, and he promises not to hit anyone. should be a fun year.
no really.
I am the VP of the stinkin' and all the PTO style, conservative moms....uh yeah.

hope you all are doing fabulous...happy labor day to yah, and hugs and kisses to all.

Tuesday, August 21, 2007

silver lining

The biggest bean chowing down on homemade lovin' from Girls Day, which was AMAZING by the way-if you didn't come this time, you should definately be makin' it to the next one!

conversation on the couch moments ago:

ME~ what's the matter with you?
BIGGEST BEAN~(looking perplexed) there's a problem
ME~(looking more perplexed than he) a problem with what?
ME~What is wrong with your tongue.
BIGGEST BEAN~I just don't know where it belongs....and my teeth are in the way....and they squeak when i rub them together...and that is not right....mommy, I have a mouth problem.


we have been in the house all day, as I am having something of a belly problem, blah.

T is chillin' with mimi and pa, and the boys and I have been watching loads of educational TV, playing chutes and ladders, and having mondo batches of priceless conversations, that is about the size of things.

so much is good, just feeling under the weather, but I will be back soon, with lots of bloggy lovin' I promise!

gonna run though, as the Biggest Bean just informed me that he a voulture and is learning how to fly, and frankly nothing good can possibly come from that.

hugs to all,

Friday, August 10, 2007

living the life....

*swimming* in the driveway

life has been deelightful, deeeeelicious, and deeeeevine...

I must say, that there is nothing better in this world than home-cookin' straight from the garden....

tonight we had balsamic marinated chicken, with zucchini and squash(all from the garden) gratin....and a huge salad chock full o' tomatos and cukes from the garden...AHHHHHMAZING. Oh and no joke, for dessert, zucchini brownies, which everybody except the hubs TOTALLY DUG. Hubs has a major prejudice for most veggies, which is super frustrating...but can't have it all right....
he actually puts as much in his mouth as he can fit, waters it down and swallows it he can't taste it. and folks, not to make an issue here, but i really am a good cook...the man just doesn't like veggies. insane.

i haven't been posting much about my garden, but i am so in love. i absolutely heart the fresh pesto almost every other day, the bruschetta to die for, and my biggest bean popping sun ripened cherry tomatos like it's nobody's buisness.

the kidlets are good, we had a busy quiet day in the house that was full of laundering, baking, and staying cozy...don't get me wrong, been loving hopping out of bed and hauling the crew to the gym, followed by routines, and chaos, but it was SOOO stinkin' nice to spend a WHOLE day HOME....

i am so behind on posting, that i have more stories to tell than i could even begin to get out....
a few notes..

happy 31st to mimi and pa...a blissful marriage...we love you both and look forward to the next 31 years of adventures..

girls day is next thursday, and i am OVER THE MOON, to hang with the girls at the home front, sippin' iced cofees eating homebaked lovins' and chatty chat chattin....
roll call???

i know i was tagged by *erina* whom i also want to send out congrats to...
so i think that while there are so many random things about me...i am gonna pass, as benji-bean is about to wake up, big bean is giving little T "piggy-bank" rides all over the house, which more or less consist of her wrapping her arms around his bony little waist, and him running all kamikaze-like around the house dragging her little feet on the ground...i know, i know, but really peeps, i must pick my battles.

also a mondo congrats to Jenica who just welcomed #4, amazing lady, i tell yah, cuz i am pretty sure three is my max...i actually think i love excercising so much, that i don't want to have to give up the stairmaster again...I KNOW. CRAZY.

and lastly, i leave you with this series....the big bean "helping" me unload the groceries from the car. LOVELY. Everything fared well except for the grapes...but i think it was actually worth it...

hugs y'all.

and as T says..
we won't let the bug bugz bite...
see you in the beautiful day...