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Friday, May 25, 2007


I love me a lil babe all sunshine and smiles about the cold water hitting her back as she runs through the wet grass and giggles...blades stuck between her little toes and the most delightful of curls springing up as her soaking wet hair dries sun kissed....

Sometime we got busy....not sure when, but my goodness, I feel like when I look up at the clock, it is already 8 o'clock at night, and where has the time gone?

Been hangin' out with the kidlets, plantin' away, as I so *heart* doing...I think I am in love with my garden, in the very best of ways, but must be careful not to spend too much money getting those sweet baby seedlings into the ground all nestled safe and ready to grow....

had some visits, some wood chipping adventures involving my dad, a stick, and an on call eye doc, but he's FINE....

been playing in the sprinkler getting so sopping wet and goose bumpy that they actually ask to go INSIDE and watch a movie....*read - I get to blog, do laundry and clean the house....

been whole foods shopping to prep for the weekend gatherings...actually baught 8 avacodos today....and uhmm....16 dollars later, those avacodos better be bombin'

been reading some B.K. goodness, nin, your right, I am so loving this book....I could crawl into a lawn chair and read the day away if I didn't have all these kidlets runnin' round....

been having some yummy meals mainly consisting of fresh grilled veggies with garlic and olive oil and pastas...

oh much to do, so little time...

wishing you all the very best of holiday weekends,

sunshine and hugs your way...


Saturday, May 19, 2007

just a quickie....

hey all, not much new on the home front, other than been spending lots
and lots of time getting the yard up to snuff...not today of course, or
yesterday for that matter, as the weather SUCKS. But just been getting
lots of projects out of the and getting organized...

but the big news, is that Bry GOT THE JOB. He is officially going to be a carpenter for the State now, as opposed to a prison food cook....which is SO GOOD. We will
actually have a schedule that makes me less of a weekend widow, no
offense mimi and pa, we love spending weekends making chaos at your
house, but we may actually be able to do that here! Hubs will be able
to leave the house at 6 instead of 4...get out at 3 instead of 6...deeelightful. Congrats to you love, we are so proud, and so appreciate the last five years that you have be sucking it up to pay the bills...we hope the new job is way mo' better!

we have had several fish casualties - read...we SUCK at taking care of little slimey things that need little to no attention - and that has been the talk of the
house, as Lil man is responsible for breaking the BAD NEWS to everyone.
SO, we have one more fish hangin in and we'll see how long that lasts, than I think we will move on and just deal with the fact that we don't
do so hot with fish, or cats for that matter. We will stick to kids and

the kidlets are fabulous, enjoying the weather minus the
last few flood watching days, playing in the dirt and running wild,
shoeless and with mud streaking their little faces. I am anxiously
counting the days till my tomatos can be nestled in the ground, and I can garden the days away....
sending sunshiney vibies your way...


Monday, May 14, 2007

weekend lovlies

happy mama's day to all of you! It was a wonderful weekend filled to the brim with delights...not sure I will even be able to get to it all - so I will summarize.

On sat. a.m the folks picked up the kiddos and headed out for the day...the two big guys anyway, so hubs and our littlest bean had an impromptu date to my most favorite garden store, and he treated me to a truck load of amazing things....fresh tomato plants, so beautiful perennials to plant, some mulch, some herbies....ahhh, it was this mama's delight. Then we spent the afternoon working in the yard, sweating, and making the yard look beautiful...there is so much to be said for getting you hands filthy while making mama earth look oh so fabulous....

That night the kiddos came home, we headed out to the Foleys for some authentic Jamaican Jerk Chicken, some amazing strawberry short cakes and lots of chat...a mama's day tradition with the Foleys - the eve gathering.

Then to mothers day, with was truly a day I will NEVER forget. I was awoken by the biggest bean, with an ear to ear smile, and a "MOMMY - TODAY IS MOTHER'S DAY - SO NOW I AM GOING TO TELL YOU WHAT I MADE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

okay baby, but why don't we just go downstairs and you will show me...


once we made the mass exodus down the stairs, lil man presented me the most beautiful pin - made by his precious little hands, filled with buttons, and glue and paint and love. He was overflowing with pride and it was perhaps one of the sweetest mama moments I have ever had.

you are a very special boy...

"Well you are a very special mommy."

it's beautiful.

"your beautiful...."

man, does my kid know how to turn on the charm or what???
Anyhow, the rest of the day was filled with picnics, pizza, toasting marshmallows and overtired and fresh air filled kidlets that are filled to the brim with lots of whining today to make up for the weekends most deeelightful behavior....

hope you and yours had a fabulous one too! All my lovins your way,


*some shout outs*

B - that park was fab, we will have to take the kids there this week, lots of play space, picnicky spots and more...

Nins - thanks for the mama message, it was super sweet, and you are amaaaazing....made my first Zen basket. You are ingenious I tell yah...

C - thanks for the are so sweet to send 'em my way.

D - not sure what to say, I will be in touch.

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

i stinkin' love this child

for so many reasons, but just a few...

that she can put on 18 necklace in the blink of an eye, with out so much as the slightest need for help...

that she got a shot at the docs office and growled at the nurse instead of fussed...

that she is so freakin' cute that the doc helped her get dressed because T told her to....I HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT.

that she has her daddy wrapped around her little finger, and it is just the cutest thing to watch...

that she is an utter and complete mini in point...the child is two, and she can talk for a solid hour...amongst other things...

i think she rocks.

hope you are all fabulous....


Monday, May 07, 2007

thank goodness for the popcorn man....

so we spent yesterday with mimi at a very delightful craft fair, and alas, the popcorn man was there...lil man loves POPCORN, and thanks to the supercool popcorn dude, we have MARBLE-IDGE!!
Thank goodness, because if I had to stare into the toilet for one more
day we were headed to the nearest airport for a metal detection

so, another chapter of chaos comes to a close...I cannot wait to see what delightful thing awaits us next.

ahhhh. I am so glad, I know it was just a marble, but I so didn't love having that little piece of metal floating through his little digestive tract. but it's over, and no more small objects here.

In other news, we took a fabulous trip to the beach this weekend, Bry
was working on Mattie Max's house - that's Auntie Max in Tea-speak -
and me and the 3 beans headed down to the beach to play away in the
sand. It was wonderful to feel the sun on our skin, the wind in our
hair and sand of course everywhere else....

followed by pizza at Camps and lots of snoozin'

thanks for all your good poop vibes...I will be sure to have some ready for any of you if you ever need them...vibes that is...



Friday, May 04, 2007

just another day...

hey all,

just a quick post, to fill you in on our daily activities today...we had a whole agenda, that more or less involved spending the day working in the yard, planting some more flowers, picking up sticks, adventurous stuff....uh yeah right.

That was MY agenda, and let me stress MY agenda...because that was so
not how our day went. I got home from myfriday morning me time at Whole Foods with Benji, payed the sitter checked on T, who put herself down for a nap after a mondo meltdown I am told, and sat down to check my email, 1 freakin' e-mail people that's all I was going to do, and WHAM...lil man decides to fill the day chock full of his AGENDA, which, let me tell you, was NOT well planned out. I turned my back to check my e-mail, and my insanely bright, communicative, delightful four year old
decided it would be in his very best interest to put a little metal
marble into his mouth while lying on his back, well people, gravity
took over, and at this point that marble should be passing happily
through some part of his little four year old intestine, and waiting to
make a second appearance in our home. LOVELY.FREAKIN' LOVELY. So, if this wasn't enough, he has a complete panic attack, running around the
house crying, apologizing, running to sit on the potty to tell me it
will come out if he pushes hard now, pacing and shaking his head saying
"oh mommy what should I do," so much so, that while I am on the phone
with the nurse from the Dr.'s office, she is trying to contain herself,
and eventually asks to talk to him, and they have a nice long chat
about how he is going to be just fine, and his marble will eventually
come out when he poos. LOVELY....

He is much calmer now several hours later and even does a little belly shake here and there to see if he can hear said marble rattling around. We had a discussion about why he was so freaked out and alas, my boy was sure he was going to go straight to the hospital for surgery because curious George swallowed a puzzle piece
and he had to get x-rays and see lots of doctors. This of course did not occur to him before he put the damn thing his mouth though. But the toy, all 250 pieces, yes read TWO HUNDRED AND FIFTY PIECES, is all packed up to go to my social worker friends school age kids AT school, where they will not EAT it.

Anyhow, day wrapped up with a sweet BBQ at mimi and pa's where he was delighted to be having corn for dinner, because he thinks that will definitely kid I tell yah...

and the moral.....don't eat marbles.

please send quick passing vibes my way, and hopes that this little marble does
just that, pass right on through with no complications...

I will post soon, so long as I am not holed up staring into the toilet for the next week. LOVELY.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007


hey all. we are here....exhausted, but here. we are rockin' big colds, M is just about over it, but me, T and Benji are hackin' and snotting, and GROOOOOOSSSS. Our hugest apologies to anyone who was here for birthday BBQin' madness and picked up our nasties. We love you all and thanks for sticken' it out even though my kidlets looked like they had radioactive snot dripping from their adorable lil noses.

So, life goes on I guess. T is 2, I stinkin; can't believe it, M is 4 and now I have found my self in a week long repetition of the sentence, "yes you can, your 4 now. TRY." and hubs turned 29.
survived birthday chaos, and loved almost every minute...I won't go
into the details about the minutes I didn't love...that is for another
day, another blog...

Big man was over the moon that his favorite girlie friend was here, and Nin, I would love a copy of the pic of them lovin' each other on your flickr page.

not much else to report, it is finally freakin' beautiful out, so Bry
and the kiddos and I are gonna do some yard work, then the man and I
have an impromptu date tonight, as the kiddos have turkey meatball
night atmimi and pa's. Benji will join us at the restaurant, as I got somethin' he needs...

and send some good vibes our way, as hubs had his interview for the
state carpentry job FINALLY today, and we are so hoping he gets the
job...his interview went well, but was followed by a flat tire, tow
truck, and EXPENSIVE new tires...lovely....