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Sunday, September 20, 2009

the good - the bad - the daily

we have been chock full o' sickies in this house and it is absolutely NOT been fun.  

there has been fevers and whining, and glazed over pleading little eyes, and chest x-rays and flu swabs and and and....

but these kiddos are trooping is pretty worn out...but we are doing our best.  and i guess that is just about all we can do right?  

i have been determined to soak up all this glorious fallish-ness, sick or not, and we have been trolling the orchards all pumped full of tylenol, motrin, and antibiotics.  we have been devouring fresh crisp cool macintosh apples picked off the trees, and staring at mums of brilliant hues...*sigh*  fall.

so fevers and all, these beans are doing okay.  

i am back at work, and enjoying my days there as well - i am super blessed, as i work two and a half days at my school, and am home the rest of the week.  when people ask me if i like my schedule, i always smile and nod and say something nice-ish like, 
"yes, it is so nice to have a weekend in the middle of my week."  
but lets be frank people.  i don't even really have a weekend on my actual weekend - so lets not pretend that wednesday or thursday resemble anything even similar to a weekend.  they don't.  

let me give you a peek.  and tell you to have a superb rest of your weekend.

wednesday afternoon, i decided that i would venture to the nearby outdoor mall, as i wanted to window shop and check out a pair of jeans, as i had a freebie coupon.  so the two smaller beans and i headed out on a mini field trip, and when we arrived, i should have known to turn the car around and just go home, as princess T was in the backseat calling me a "spy-cho"  which is t speak for psycho, as i was going into the big people GAP, and not the kids one.  but no...i was determined to carry out our trip to the wishing fountain and the slammin' sale section of anthropologie(me loves).

so we do the rounds and lastly hit up gap....T is already peeved, acting like i microwaved her my little ponies or something, when in reality, i thought i might buy myself a SWEATER.  dear god how could i.  she is walking by the nicely piled and perfectly folded shirts and unfolding them, then stacking them all messy-like back on the tables while glaring in my direction. as if to say "i'll show you."

So i quickly pack everyone up and head to the car...

oh no wait...that is what i SHOULD have done.    

So i grab a few pair of pants, taking her nonsense with a GIANT grain of salt, throw a few sweaters on top of the stroller, and head to the fitting rooms.  all the while T is SHOUTING. "I-WANT-TO-GO-TO-THE-KID-GAP-YOU-ARE-A-BAD-BAD-MOMMY."  and stomping her little feet all with hands on her hips and everything- yup -the whole nine. and little benji....sweet as can be is sitting in the stroller looking at his truck book smiling and rocking his head side to side repeating "you bad-bad mommy..."  over and over.  LOVE it.

Once we are locked securely in the fitting room, i am ignoring her nonsense and trying on the few things i was able to grab, and she is punching the walls...all dramatic, with a wind up and then she slows down before her hand hits the wall, as she is really only trying to make a statement and not hurt herself of course.
*now would be a good time to mention that the store was BUSY.  like black friday busy.

at this point i have had enough, and am just about ready to lose my i firmly grasp her arm, and tell her she has a one.  which she knows is her gentle reminded to get her freaking act together.  

so this joke....GRABS her arm and starts yelling "OWWWWWW now i need a GIANT BAND-AID BECAUSE YOU PUNCHED ME SOOOOOO HARD OWWWWWWW."

i shit you not.
so i calmly continue to redress - and multitasking - (rolling my eyes into the back of my brain and thinking what a FULL time job might pay) i explain to her , 

"TEAGAN, you cannot say things like that, the police will come and take mommy away from you because they will think that mommy hurts you..."

hand on the hips and glaring, she states, "WELL THAN MAYBE YOU SHOULDN'T PUNCH ME SO HARD."  


so we are holed up in the fitting room four days later and typing this, as i was simply too mortified to leave.  can you bring me some coffee?
weekend my ass.



Sunday, September 13, 2009

getting back to it....

i know i know.  i am working on it.  i am sitting here sipping /devouring my morning coffee, and enjoying this sweet sunday morning, listening to t explain to benji that all the dolls need to be dressed up so that nobody sees the gynas....

and i realized that i am being selfish...

i am savoring all their deliciousness, and sometimes not so deliciousness, and i have been so stinking busy that i haven't posted any of it....

so for that i apologize, and i will try to get back at it.

tj started her second year of preschool, and i must say that she is largely unimpressed.  i mean don't get me wrong, she does love school, but she is totally over the excitement.  she doesn't understand why M gets a new teacher every year and she "stays the same,"  which is "kinda good, its just i really wanna have a kindergarten teacher."  

she is delving into the realm of ballet - which should be interesting, and i figure it's not a total waste, because she can always use the leotards for gymnastics if she decides she really doesn't like it...but all her little girlie friends are doing it...who knew there was peer pressure at 4. 

M is doing well in first grade. He still doesn't eat his lunch(his notes say "EAT" now, instead of "have a great day- i love you-and blah, blah, blah,") and sometimes misses the bus, but overall, i think that we are getting in the swing of things.  By college we should have it down pat.   Last week when i went in to wake him for school, the conversation went like this...
me - "c'mon pal, you gotta get up - school today"
him "hmmmpht."
me-" really buddy, it's time."
him - "mom, yah know what?"
me - (sighing as i am sure this conversation is going south,) "yes myles?"
him - "waking up for school in the morning SUCKS."
me (picking my head up off the floor and trying to stuff the brain matter back in through my ears) "Okay buddy, we do not use that word, and mommy has work, and you neeeeeeed to get up.  NOW."
him - "but daddy uses that word"
 me - "but you are not a daddy."
him - "when i am a daddy can i use that word?" 
me -(not believeing that it is 6:30 IN THE  MORNING and i have already begun talking about this with my 6 year old son, who i am sure now is keeping a list in his journal of good reasons to have a baby when he turns sixteen, hopefully his girlfriend won't be on board.)  "LAST TIME - GET UP."

so, mornings ROCK here, and that is one of the reasons why i am on the fritz.  life has been crazy....and everytime i sit down to take a breathe, things get even more chaotic....but i promise to try, and thanks to all of you who have been checking in and reminding me to get off my bum and post....

so with that,  a few last things...

benji is swell.  isn't he always though?  the kid just rocks my whole entire world.  

and bry is still cranking on the house, i will post new pics of that soon, problem with that is he is mostly roofing, and really a roof just doesn't look that exciting, but if you were swarmed with bugs and shit all summer, you would be damn psyched too. :)

we had a super fabulous visit with uncle ben, (above) and bry and he got to talk shop - which was neat, as ben is probably one of bry's biggest mentors, and it is always nice for the beans to get to catch up with some of the folks that they don't get to see often....

anyhow....hope you are all enjoying this fallishness, 

peace out, 


p.s.  (drum roll, ***72 days till thanksgiving...uhm, yayyy!!!)