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Monday, March 30, 2009

do not let her fool you.

on sunday afternoon this adorable little girl said, and i quote - "if you do not let me down from this cart (at the grocery store)  i will kick you in the FACE."

isn't she just a doll...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


it is very trying to have three feverish and grouchy beans over here. all are in various stages of dismay - and it is tough.  i am a bit stir crazy and so over tv. 

i am working on a list of all the things that i am grateful for and that make me happy - even when life isn't easy peasy.

so -

* making light savers out of sticks and paint

* that benji makes me smile every day - even when he is in the process of breaking things.

* cuddling with the beans even when their little bodies smell like feverish skin - yes - it has a smell.

*  that my seeds are so so very happy in this house of chaos.

*  that hubs loves me unconditionally even through my grouch - (comes with the beans various colds and such). and that even when he is mad as hell, he doesn't say so - he just keeps on keepin' on.

*  that spring is coming, SOON.  i know - it's here - but i mean REALLY here.

*  that i am going to be able to keep my part time jobbie - as i seem to have JUST snuck under the radar somehow.  i love my job - i love the peeps i work with - and i would be SO SO sad to have to leave.

* for yoga - it is helping me SO much.  *sigh*

* that max loves the beans enough to come watch them every week, and that i can go tomorrow and be the helping mom in m's room.  

* that t only vomited once last night - but i still despise chucky cheese

* for all the peeps in my life - for hugs - and long distance lovins. 

*  about new babies coming into our lives near and far. KEAS - that's you....

* for starbucks.  i know - ridiculous.  but i am.

* that teagan has renamed me "princess mommy."

* that benji talks - like really talks now.

* that m is not a depressed 5 year old - that he actually just had a fever....cause i was really worried.

* i am thankful to look at my hubs and smile at the familiarity and comfort in his eyes...that he is my best friend too.

* that exercise is finally fun.

* feeling needed and wanted and loved, and being able to return that favor.

* family - always family.

* t's sweet glazed over eyes...and how she puts herself to bed when she is under the weather with out even telling us. 

*that benji says thank-you unprompted and when he likes something a lot he shouts - "LOOOOOVE IT."

* birthday party planning to satisfy my little yogini and her darth vadar brother....

* for GF bagels that kick ass - made by pa none-the -less.

* benji shouting "mommy - where are you."  to the tune of scooby doo whenever i leave the room. 

* m singing the tunes every time my phone the tune of sugar magnolia - with out even picking his head up from his work.

* garden - garden - garden.

* listening to m read and sound out words.

* that the beans think that benji came from daddy's butt - we may have to talk about this one over dinner before it makes it's way out into the ear of some innocent unsuspecting teacher.

* roasted and sugared pecans that ROCK 

* bright feverish eyes explaining that they are fine - just a little sick - but fine.

* baxter sunbathing in the driveway and the ups guy who gives him a bone EVERY time he drives BY the house.

* my world - just my world.  

what about you guys - i know times are kinda tough right now - seemingly for everyone- but surely you have a list.....i encourage you to leave some of it here....

*namaste -

xo, a

Monday, March 23, 2009

spring fever

kiddos are battling various things....

just wanted to update and say - no pink slips from here....

chat soon, 

xo, a

Thursday, March 19, 2009

live laugh love.

we are good, i know i have been hushed lately - but i have been doing a lot and thinking a lot....
things have been par for course here....

so i guess a peek into our worlds...and you might see a bit of nothing and everything in between....

the beans are tremendous....all of them.

bry is amazing....and

me, well...i guess upon doing some early morning reflection and thinking....well, i am really good.

i might loose my job...but it will be okay....i am getting a pink slip with "no guarantees either way."  what the f*&k does that mean....oh well....remember i AM good.

we might start putting an addition onto the house...which is scary...but exciting...really - we met with an architect named Mr. Sweet....

we have been reuniting with some amazing peeps....which rocks...

it is almost spring...and by almost, i mean like 48 hours.  thankfreakinggod.  

april is around the corner....which means an entire month of birthday chaos, mixed in with some showers and births, and, and, and....

the seeds that have survived the wrath of benji are thriving....and the others....well, i am not ready to talk about that yet - it is just a damn good thing that he is so stinking cute.  NOT so cute while shouting "monster truck"  at the TOP OF HIS LITTLE STINKING ADORABLE LUNGS - which sounds a lot like MOTHER F*&K....great.

i have been "nominated"  prez of the preschool...i hope that it doesn' t go down like a ton of rocks because of me....yikes.

i get to wake up most mornings to benji singing twinkle DAR....(star)  or the theme song to scooby doo - which i secretly heart more than life itself because it was written in like 1969...which i guess now is vintage retro - and i love that...

i caught m humming the dead this job is done...

i am on a mission to gather some more recipes for family dinners....the thought of another taco night this month is making me gag.  any thoughts?

i remembered how much i love t's little sleepy face when she first wakes she has been sleeping just A BIT longer than me ;)

i have BIG plans in the works.... they involve A LOT of living, loving AND laughing - OUT LOUD.....oh, and blogging....more blogging....

so, we are all over the place, and,  we miss you...what's up?

what's on your agenda....

Sunday, March 01, 2009


i just wanted to give y'all a sneak peak at what's been rockin' my world.  little big man -- CAN READ.  

sometime in  the last few weeks it has simply clicked, and i am over the moon..... every time he sits down next to me and reads a book to me, my eyes well up, and my heart swells with pride....

i love the way he sounds out the words, and "gets"  the sentences as they fly by....i am so stinking proud of this kid.  one of my most favorite things to do in life is get lost in a good read.  i am so thrilled for him that his little world just grew even bigger....and his possibilities even greater.  you rock my world little big man.  you just do.

* we are hunkering down for another doozy of a storm....honestly, i am so ready for spring, but truth be told, i would so love a snow day monday....

the beans are all ready for spring too.  today we took a family trip to garden barn to pick out my garden seeds, and i will tell yah - i got ridiculous.  but i just cannot wait to get into my garden....i might need therapy.  

t is great, though still taunting her brothers and strutting around this place like she owns it.  she is such a little mama, reading to benji and getting him snacks, and then the second he crosses her "SMACK."  she wails the kid in the forehead.  i guess she is kinda like her mama(not the hitting of course)

....and benji has found his words, which is amazing....he is making little sentences, and yelling things when he runs by you, like "YOU ROCK...."  it is dreamy....and "FART"  and all sorts of interesting words....boys will be boys right...?  

the first sentence of sorts went " bacter(baxter) - drink - potty - goooossss(gross) - bad - bacter(baxter) - YEAH."  something else that kid.  

i am where the wild things all the dreamiest of ways.   hope you all are wonderful....xo, a