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Thursday, September 18, 2008


hi. uhm, happy fall.

so sorry for the lack of is not that i have been too busy, just i have been too busy to blog.

we are savoring fall,
making sauce with the last of the tomatoes,
feeling the cool crisp amazing green grass in between our toes,
practicing soccer - A LOT,
agonizing over sarah palin and her world all chock full of nonsense,
reading new library books all covered in crinkley plastic book covers,
scheming about halloween plans and make it yourself costumes,
wondering when husband will get rid of his mohawk,
enjoying the cool breezes,
trying to decipher the myths and facts that come home with kindergartners after school(i cannot even formulate these stories to explain right now, but i will. i promise, i will.)
sipping tasty red wine on the deck at night wrapped in cozy wool sweaters,
prepping myself to take on fall and all my fallish recipes with gluten-free passion,
just alot. mosty good, but alot.

this of course is all amidst me running back to work here and there, visits to the gym, kindergarten life (and attitudes) and preschool stuffs...

so, while all is wonderful, it's also just a bunch of crazy.

what are you doing...? say hi....i would love to hear from all of yah...

Sunday, September 07, 2008

my "sort of" problem.

(me and my girly....)

life has finally slowed down long enough for me to post...but i am now so backdated on updates it is so ridiculous.

so i will just do a brief synopsis.

the biggest bean - loved kindergarten, but is HORRIFIED that they only work, and don't get any time to play. he tells me his gym teacher's name is JIM, and that his art teacher is just a touch taller than teags. i will get back to you on this after open house.

on the first day, we went out to the bus too early, and it was a disaster. over anxious i guess. but we waited an hour.

this was a problem for two reasons.

1. i almost put him on the middle school bus. it stopped, what would you have done? how was i supposed to know, but the driver kindly informed me that's why they tell you to come out of the house at 8, not 7:30....uh, my bad.

2. the septic across the street being pumped for 45 minutes. unreal smell. M told me his backpack died. great. but we could not go inside, as i would MAKE him MISS his bus, and hence RUIN the rest of his adult life.

the first day off the bus he looked like a train wreck, but we are getting there.

benji just waves a lot, as now there is ALWAYS somebody leaving or arriving....he waves alot.

the wedding was fab, i have very few pics of this, but will post the link to my pal eric's site as soon as he gets some up.

the middle bean started pre-school, and is rockin' it, though i must say, about half the class was screaming children clinging to their parents more or less BEGGING them to pulllease not feed them to the wild was sort of unreal. but she was a champ.

(this is her with Sam, a close friends' son, whom she is planning on marrying. they are planning on living in separate homes, and driving a snow plow together for a living. they are also planning on getting their children from the kid store. really. i kid you not.)

and now, this.

it was a big. stupid. horrible. idea.

M thinks that mohawks are really ultra hot. so, i told him, that if he picked up the playroom, (which for the record, i would have made him do ANYWAY,) i would give daddy, a mohawk. A TEMPORARY HA HA 2 HOUR MOHAWK. (i was going to shave hubs head last night anyway.) it was supposed to last A NIGHT.

so, fast forward to one day later.
mohawk still here.
me, so mad.
his stinkin' buffalo bills win a game. AS. IF.
like for the first time in - uhm ever, i think.

so, dear hubs....thinks/convinces himself, that he now must KEEP his mohawk, until they lose, because alas folks, it is now a good luck thing. WHATTT.

you are going to have to pray for me. kindergarten open house is in two days. seriously people...look out your windows, and you may actually see my head BLOW up from wherever you are.