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Friday, October 31, 2008

happy halloween

hope your day is filled full of sweet things...

mine sure is!


Monday, October 20, 2008


so, it's official.

i am thirty. seriously, i know age is just a number...but it is kinda nutty i think....

oh well. trying to keep things in perspective. i have amazing people in my life, that keep my world rockin'. i have a tremendous extended family whom i cherish. all that helped make the transition to 30 way easy. and, it is fall - that makes everything better - the smell of the woodstove, the noise of the leaves crunching as the kids run through the yard - amazing. i just love fall, as it is me. fall is me. i am fall.

there are other very official things going on. i am officially done having children, i begged hubs to make a return trip to the urologist, not gonna happen. but we may be adding a new pup...bax needs a pal too right?? this is in the works...shhhh....(the dog, not the urologist.)

m is officially terrified to take the training wheels of his is ridiculous...

benji is officially no longer a baby...he is gonna be two is february people, seriously.

t is officially awesome....example - yesterday am, bry and i were laying in bed trying to put off getting up, being that it was 6 am and sunday...i know right??

here was the conversation - M - "t, i am going to be a robot for halloween, and i am gonna scare you right out of our city"

T-"you can try myles, but i am gonna be teagan the brave witch, and i am not scared of you. besides, i am way braver than you anyways. can you go clean my room."

M- "uhm, okay i guess so."

T "thanks, i am gonna go rest while you do that."

UH hi, she's freakin' THREE....

and as mentioned earlier, it is officially fall. you would know that if you came to my house because the children, though normally very coordinated, fall down a lot, as it takes them about one month to adjust to the whole socks on wood floors thing.

what's up with you? and do tell, what is your favorite fall tradition? i am curious....

Monday, October 06, 2008


hey all. i know i know i bad. i have been unable to blog for a laundry list of reasons... are a few.

1. i temporarily forgot my blogger password...uh, lame right? but remembered it this all set now.

2. i have been unable to stop following the sarah palin nonsense long enough to sit down and blog...but now that she has done her debate - and i have picked my jaw up off the floor...well, i am ready to blog again.

3. the biggest bean is acting like a pms'ed 15 year old child...uh, yeah, i am serious. this is problematic because
a. it does not allow me to maximize my pms.
b. because it makes me want to drop him off at the post office and make him hang out with the jackass who works there that is so freakin' mean i go to the other post office down the street...

4. i was waiting for the bills to lose so my mohawked husband would shave already. they did. he did. we can go back to functioning like a non-rednecked family... and i can stop calling him "joe six pack." (thanks sarah! that was so clever!!)

5. i was afraid sarah p. may try to get my blog banned, along with the other nonsense books that she has tried to ban...amongst them - into the night kitchen by maurice sendak. A. MAZE. ING.

6. wasn't sure anybody actually read this anymore...

7. was stressing about turning 30 momentarily...when, when, when, did i get that old? i mean 30 people. what the hell. i think my parents are only like 42...WHAT???????????

8. all children have a disgusting SNOT filled germ infested cold. two days ago princess T climbed up on the bed and coughed INTO my mouth while i was sleeping...not only woke me up, but also gave me a wicked case of the germies. great.

9. have been working on the soccer mom thing. actually told m i would give him a dollar if he touched the ball AT ALL at soccer practice. he did. and then he more or less YELLED across the field, " MA - can i get my dollar NOW or later?? i kicked it, did you see?? " and then for anyone who didn't catch it the first time, he followed up with a "DO I GET A DOLLAR EVERY TIME I KICK THE BALL OR ONLY THE FIRST TIME?"


10. oh, and i went back to work. where i am so busy trying to fit everything in (read - look busy)....i started a knitting club with my fifth grade girls at recess - sneaky right?? they love it, and i get to KNIT during work - and be paid for it....;)

11. was busy being a maverick....wait WHAT?

12. was busy explaining to T that just because benji didn't cry, does NOT mean it was OKAY to hit him in the head and push him down...

so, lots of excuses...i am back though. it's fall, my favorite, i am ready to rock it all fall style and dance around the kitchen filling everybody's snot sticky faces with apple crisp and home made soup lovin's....



what are you all doing....besides of course getting ready to VOTE. or else.