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Wednesday, February 25, 2009


just waiting for spring here.  

i am overwhelmed...not even sure by what. 

sometimes those insecurities just get the best of you yah know?  not ready to talk yet....but i will soon.


xo, a

Sunday, February 15, 2009


(*our heart shaped vanilla cake filled with strawberries and topped with vanilla buttercream frosting.......)

can i just say that these beans rock my world every moment of every day.

yesterday was dreamy, hallmark holiday and all.  the kiddos loved it up, and we hopped right on board...they sent lots of valentines and got calls thanking them for their hard work, and each time their little faces just beamed with was about the sweetest thing.

we made a pink heart shaped cake for dessert...after 2 bites the little bean threw his fork and just picked up the plate.  

this morning i found the two boys sitting on m's bed diggin' on m's new jack johnson cd - which was a gift from dad for v-day...(the man totally digs v-day - because he says that there are no expectations - too sweet)  both of them on the bed nodding their heads back and forth...he is just the best big brother. he has his less than stellar moments, but overall, the kid kicks ass.

and t - in everything PINK she could find because it was a love day....

last night after everyone filled their bellies full on pink heart shaped cake...this was the conversation....

t (from the top of the stairs...)  M-O-M (no joke, she has taken to SPELLING mom to get my attention - i am enamored and irritated all at the same time.) 
me - "yes T"
t - "can you please turn the tv down you are keeping me up."
me - "okay t - it's down."
t -"uhm, M-O-M."
me - "YES T."
t- "is that the diswasher?"
me- "YES t."
t- "do you think you could run it in the morning?"
me - "no, it is running now..."
t - "but MOMMMMMY, how will i sleep? you know everything that you and daddy are doing is keeping me awake."
me-"T GO TO BED"
t -"but i can't sleep. and if you keep me awake the sand guy can't come and put sand in my eyes. so BE QUIET."


this child - she is just a ray of sunshine 99% of the time, and the other 1 %  - well, i want to gauge my ears out....

as i type the children are tying each other up, and somebody just told somebody else to show them their i must run....but i hope you all are have a sparkling weekend, i know i am.


xo, a

Saturday, February 14, 2009

love day*

happy lovin' day peeps....

we are scrapping plans for a romantic dinner, and plowing through winter no fun stomach things, in hopes of a fun valentines evening at the homefront.

i am baking a vanilla cake with buttercream frosted goodness, and spending the day being to grateful for the love i get....

i know its such a hallmark holiday....but i cannot help but love anything that makes these kiddos smile as big as they do....and their big bag o' valentines lovins from school just put them over the alas, i have been won over.

hope you all are rockin' it out this hallmarky day...xo, a*

Thursday, February 12, 2009

the good the bad and the crappy....

t - in childs pose

me and t - downward facing dog


i feel like we are in the winter slumps here....yesterday was dreamy, so i opened all the windows and *refreshed* the air in our home....only to wake up to t vomiting all over the place at 3 in the morning.  this sucked for a number of reasons, other than the obvious t has the stomach bug.  but also because she had blueberry juice before bed, because she desperately wanted to go to school for her valentines party and give out her little masterpieces that she worked so hard on last week, because we had planned on heading out to pick up treats today for lots of folks, because she and the other beans were going to have a v-day party at mimi and pa's - while we went out to a MUCH anticipated and now cancelled dinner, because  vomiting SUCKS.  and also - because she threw up blueberry juice  IN my freaking slippers.'s like a bad childrens book about the stomach bug. but the child is amazing...after every "episode" she would smile and look up at me and say "how do i look ma?"  and after each fresh outfit there was a super long discussion about what matches...and what doesn't....turns out at three a.m i am slightly color blind...she ISN'T.

the upside though - is that last night before the bug hit - t and i worked on some of our yoga lovins, and then she gave me lots of kisses all over my face....last night when i looked at the pic, i thought - my face says, "i love being a mom, and feel so just right in this very moment."  funny, this morning when i saw the pic - the look in my eyes was more, "hi - i am so going to be cleaning up massive bodily functions and mess for the next week - isn't it dreamy..."

and benji just made a point of brushing his teeth with t's hijacked toothbrush...have a great february vacation peeps.  I'LL BE HERE. gonna go make some coffee and sweeten it with purell.


xo, a*


Sunday, February 08, 2009

a time...

just posting another b-day pic, because it makes me smile. and this week, i need that.

*everyone is faring fine here.  thanks to all who showed their support during this time of my uncles passing.  he was a truly amazing man, and the services yesterday that took place were just such a true testimony of his amazing being.  he was and will always be in my mind, one of the most awesome people i come into contact with in this lifetime - a gentle and sweet man, with so many words of wisdom and knowledge and support...he was an inspiration to me,  and so many, many others i am sure.  he will be missed,  but always loved.

otherwise, we are "valentining" away... and i always cleaning?  it is amazing.  and i plan to spend some time today thumbing through the seed catalogue and daydreaming about my garden.

i don't have much else to post today, as i need to get OUT side today.

xo peeps. xo.


Tuesday, February 03, 2009

birthday boy.

happy birthday little man.  

sunday we had benji's party...benji was over the moon, and in his eyes, it was quite certainly the very best day of his life....

i feel so blessed that he is a part of this life that i live and this family that i love.  since the day he was born, he has had a special little light to him, and i must say, that i adore him more and more each stinkin' day. 

there were so many wonderful peeps here to share in his joy, and others who we missed dearly but could not be here....(see below) 

thanks to all who are a part of this village raising this family...

we love you all.

xo, a

* in other uncle jim is not well.  he is on morphine now just to keep him comfortable. he is filling up our hearts and minds, and we are saying a special thankful for him today and for auntie max whom may be the biggest supporter of this bloggy thing i do.  we love you max....and know that what ever you need....we will be there to give.  please  - if you have a second, send some peace-filled and comfortable vibes their way....thanks.