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Monday, November 26, 2007

what goes on....more

thanksgiving day - any given time

well, i have been feeling guilty-ish, since thanksgiving is my most favorite time of the year, and i haven't logged on to blog for awhile. I have seen so many of you lovelies in the past week, and had so many sweet compliments on this blog, from people that i didn't think even knew i kept a blog....i am so happy that you are all here, and reading. thanks, it means a lot, and whomever is here, welcome.

There has just been so much going on that i haven't been able to gather my thoughts long enough to process. This past week has brought some of the highest highs that i have known, and some of the lowest lows for peeps that I care so much about. There has been feasting, and loving, and gathering, and welcoming. The days were amazing. 18 of the most wonderful peeps, 5 of the sweetest dogs, and copious amounts of beloved things. The thanksgiving delights were plentiful, the days were full of wonderful treats, the freshest and most organic foods,(doritos and crab meat ball not included in this statement) the most wonderful people in my world all gathered together. It was just as amazing as I had hoped it would be. It always is. I continue to feel thankful. For all the love-fests, all the sweet beans being cared for and loved and treasured. For both wonderful family meals. For opening lines of communication where necessary and for reminding each other what family is all about.

(check out the shirt B)

Overall it was a wonderful long weekend. I won't lie and say I wasn't thrilled when Sunday night arrived though. I am ready for routine for awhile, ready for normalcy, ready for dinner at home and 7:30 bedtimes. Ready for some quiet.

I have loads to do around the homefront, including about 18 loads of laundry, a sink-full of dishes, and a good vacuum if the ENTIRE house...

and I want all you locals to read this disclaimer....

Last night after a CRAZY amount of visiting, loving, and all above mentioned chaos...hubs said he would do the dishes and clean up the kitchen if I bathed and bedtimed all three kidlets. SO, i promptly agreed and got all said children to bed. When I came back down the stairs - it being SUNDAY and all, hubs was situated on the couch watching football, and the amount of dishes looked as though he had maybe popped on over to the neighbors house and offered to take all their dishes over to our place and give 'em a rinse as well.

SOOOO, I casually walked into the living room, and said, "hey hon, are all those dishes already clean?" (read - WHAT THE F*&K ARE YOU DOING?)

hubs response was - "well, I was gonna run the dishwasher (2hours) then finish."

me - okay, well, I can go wake up all the kids, and YOU can put them to bed, and I will do the dishes.

hubs - no really, i will do them - they will be done by the morning

me - okay. (read - BULLSH*T)

So, this a.m, after waking me SIX times to find his keys, I walked into the kitchen in my pjs, and said to hubs, "are these all clean?"

hubs - "no, but just put them in the bed of my truck and I will do them when I get home." followed by the statement - "it took me so long to wake you up to find my keys that i didn't have time to do the dishes."

Seriously. no seriously.

Monday, November 19, 2007

amongst the thanks

not gonna post about the chaos and happiness that is surrounding things right now in our world, or about the upcoming joy that is there will be just quiet. our sweet neighbor passed away this week, and we have just been delivered this news by her sweet love of a husband. a little over a month ago she was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and ovarian cancer. they had given her 6 months to a year. she did not last nearly that long. i thought we would see her sweet face several more times.

sarala was only 62. i know 62, but ONLY 62. she had a lot of love in her, so much to give, so much to share. everyday that i was out in the sunshine playing with the kiddies she would amble over and chat. she would pick up benji and sing to him and giggle with M and T. the way her name rolls off of there little tongues makes me smile every time. Sarala was from India, and truth be told had such a thick accent that I often wasn't entirely sure what she was telling me, but it always came with a smile and a laugh - and once i became more accustom to her i was far more able to understand her. she was plum terrified of Baxter, which I thought so silly because he is such a harmless dog, but she would wait till i brought him inside to go get her mail or cross the street if we were not outside.
this use to aggravate me...but once i got to know her, it just seemed like a quirk, and we all know i am the queen of quirk. so sorry about that Sarala. I am.

her sweet, sweet husband raju will be all up in my thoughts as the hours, days and weeks pass. her smile and delightful way will grace my memories.

so during this time so chock full of thankfulness, family, and friends, i am thankful for knowing this wonderful woman, thankful that my children adored her as they did, thankful that she was a part of our lives, even if it was only for a short while.

today i will immerse myself in holiday makings, and quiet reflection. well, reflection anyway, because my house is never quiet. there will be no stress of family chaos and gatherings ordeals...just quiet thankfulness, and reminding of what is important, and remembering sweet Sarala.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

what goes on....

things are in a tizzie here. been painting, flooring, potty-training, cursing under my breath at the pto-ish moms involved in a wisteria lane style fiasco, smiling at the biggest bean as he tells me fact after fact after fact about snakes,been playing outside as much as we can, been feeling thankful, for so many things i am not even sure were to begin.

i am on the way out to pick up some dinner stuffs for the hubs and pa as "project mudroom," is well under way as operation " cleanse our home of sea-foam green and honeydew-ish colored paints and hope we can eventually forget they ever existed." has just been completed. per usual Pa has rolled up his sleeves and jumped right in - even though he knows for lunch he is going to be fed fun things like honey-wheat english muffin pizza with apple slices. for real. so BIG kuddos AGAIN. Mimi has the middle bean, as frankly when she is whining and whining and WHINING at me and i am trying to paint with a loaded brush...i cannot be responsible for my actions. so props to mimi also. So, no kitchen right now means we are in take-outville for the last two evenings....hmmm.....just remember NO MORE SEA FOAM GREEEEEEEEN.

i am not posting any done pics of the kitchen till it is back in order...but it will be soon...

we let the biggest been draw on the wall behind the cabinet while the guys were working, and here is his rendition of our house. please note it has a basement, a front door and a crazy little man running around in the front yard. sounds about right.

there are only 8 days...what this means***there is less than a week till the thanksgiving lovin' goes down. i think i actually heart this holiday as much as i do my children.

what goes on with you?

and just for the record - when i mentioned to hubs that he needs to really curb the language around the kidlets, as T has started calling her winter jacket her "freakin warm purple coat." i also "mentioned" that i air all his dirty laundry on this here website....and that i had written about the freakin pooper seat love...his response..."did you at least give credit where credit was due?" yup babe. it's all yours.

Thursday, November 08, 2007

roaring our terrible roars....

(click on image to see the big bean...)

yesterday, while the biggest bean was tromping around the house in his dragon costume..(yes, he's still wearing it) i sent him to a time out in his room for one offense or another, and as he stormed up the steps and peeked out from the railing to drop a signature "grrr" in my general direction, little tail sticking out and all, i realized that i am amongst the pages of my longtime favorite story from my childhood...

life is good. chaotic, frustrating, silly, wonderful, and delicious all at the same time.

the middle bean is nearing totally trained in the potty department. she is working hard - we are down to an accident a day, not bad. i decided we needed another little potty in the house, usually she needs to go as soon as i come downstairs to settle down with my decaf - after the chaos of the day has calmed down...and i thought only fair to that she be able to go by herself if i can't get to her fast enough. SOOOOOO, that being said, i gathered the troops and met hubs a babies r us and he watched the boys in the van while t and i went in to buy her fabulous sheek new potty. it is so stinkin' cool - but regardless, i apparently was taking to long to make the purchase, and hubs was complaining and made the statement..."WHAT IS TAKING YOUR MOTHER SO LONG TO BUY A FREAKIN' POOPER SEAT."

hence the conversation every 10 minutes now sounds something like this...

T - "MMMOOOOOOOMMMMMMMMMMEEEEEEEEEE....i have to go pottyyyyyyyyy"
me -okay sweetie go use the potty"
T- you mean the FREAKIN' POOPER SEAT
me- yup, that's the one

a pause for pee time

then a quick "mommy i used the FREAKIN' POOPER SEAT...can i please have a sticker."

honestly folks...i couldn't make this stuff up.

the official turkey day countdown is 12 days....aaaaahhhhmaazing.

Monday, November 05, 2007

day to day...

so we had our do-over....and celebrated the anniversary on was amazing, the weather, the meal, the day....

a special thanks to mimi and pa for the gift certificate, and for the babysitting...bry actually remarked during brunch while looking very perplexed..."what would we do without your folks?" i didn't have a good answer....there isn't one. WE LOVE YOU GUYS.

kiddos are good, we are cleanin' house and playing outside today...
kids have been reeking havic on me, this house, their daddy, etc.

i sent T to her room yesterday, she actually put her hands on her hips rolled her eyes and said "not AGAINNNNN mom."

i finally was able to get back to the gym today after a several week hiatus due to various peeps being sick here...which was nice...

more later...

lovins your way....

Saturday, November 03, 2007

5 years, 3 kids, 2 gone cats, a dog, some dead fish and a partridge in a pear tree....or something like that....

hey all...

today was mine and bry's 5 year anniversary - it was a day full of laundry, fussing, teething, meltdowns, cleaning, organizing obscure places, and non - anniversary like activities. The big guy had to work because we got bills to pay, but it's all good, as tomorrow we are headed here for a brunch...just me and the man...that's right, no mouths to wipe but our own, conversations at a normal inside voice range, debriefing on the chaos, etc.

should be deeelish.

kidlets are more or less good, it was our first day inside in awhile, and all i can say as of right now is winter may suck...but we'll see.

Anyhow sending massive anniversary love your way Bry, and to the rest of you peeps, have a great rest of your weekend....

hugs, Al

oh, and 19 more days till thanksgiving, i am soo very excited....

Thursday, November 01, 2007

c'mon now peeps...

i had loads to say.

i was witty, clever even tonight. then i saw this
now i am speechless