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Wednesday, August 30, 2006

my lil man....

goes to cannot believe how old he is getting and how fast. It is truly amazing.....

and the little lady is not so far behind.....
hope all of you are doing well out the summer comes to an end, and the school year begins...
looking forward to fall, and leaves and apples and the warmth of sweaters and jeans and all that the cozy seasons have to offer.

Friday, August 25, 2006

I stinkin' love the rain

well, as always, I am slackin' again. I have been meaning to post since this weekend and man, I just can't motivate. But alas, a rainy day, a napping lil lady, a busy bug playing with his trains, a blueberry buckle baking away in the oven, and some mama time to post and update all the peeps.

we are doing well here. the foot, well it's the foot. Still achy and agitating, but I guess one of these days it is gonna have to get better. We had a lovely weekend, Friday night dinner with the Foleys was a blast, the bruschetta to die for, as were the oysters I hear, but not for me...:) Uncle Ben and his gal Sara joined us as a last minute addition, and it was fabulous. I love to entertain, and have a house full of wonderful peeps to share a delicious meal with. The dinner bombin, and the dessert spectacular, a fruit and angel cake and creamy parfait a la Eric and Erin. Fun.

On Saturday afternoon, after a bleary eyed morning of dishes and upkeep to the house, we got to spend some wonderful q.t with Stefania....much needed, overdue and wonderful q.t.! It was so refreshing to sit and chat, and snack on yummy trader joes goodies....uhm, and can I just say, this girl, she read my mind, and showed up with CHOCOLATE COVERED BLUEBERRIES. So good! The kiddos had a great time visiting as well, and we simply cannot wait to see you again!

This is lil man diggin; on his new viewfinder before bed, in his mondo sized queen bed that his auntie chels gave him before her departure for Seattle....
The week itself has be slow, though monday found us finally doing a big ole whole foods shop and some falafel at the most beloved tangiers. Ahhh.....happy mama! Tues, shopping for some maternity wear for this belly, thanks min! Then some docs appts. later in the week, but overall a quiet week, which is nice, as it is back to school for me on monday a.m. hmmmm.....

OH! and a much belated congrats to you Molly, wasn't sure when you would have computer access again, but we are ultra thrilled for you both!

Anyhow folks, hope all you out there are doing fabulous, hugs, and rainy day kisses,


Friday, August 18, 2006

all in a day's time

hey y'all hope everyone is doing fabulous....we are hangin' at the homefront enjoying this beautiful day. Mimi came over and did us some grocery shopping so we could have some yummy eats tonight with the Foley family who I simply cannot wait to see. Gonna make us some ultra delicious bruscetta chock full o' tomatoes from my garden, a cobb salad filled with avocados, kalamatas, chicken of the free range variety, some shrimp, cukes, tons more veggies, and mimi's delightful homemade dressing....I am has NOT been appealing to my preggo-belly lately, but this salad rocks my world....THANKS MIMI! we love you!
Speaking of the preggo can just see it peeking out of the corner of this pic of the lil' big man checkin' things out!

Lil' man got a sweet letter from his girl Gracie today, he was very excited..."my GIRLFRIEND sent me a letter....." So kuddos to you Gilberts for keeping some smiles on this mamas face today, I love, love the carrot card, so perfect for the day...and I was thinking, let's go apple picking...the kiddos, and we would LOVE that...fall, fall, fall......ahhhh....

I have been trying to take daily pics of me, my belly, my life as it rushes by, and document all the changes, I am desperately digging the site
I am learning to try and love the things that irk me most about my body that has been ravaged by two babies and a third on the way...sometimes it is hard, to see what has become of me, but I vow to make a commitment to myself after this lil peanut arrives, to make some time for me to exercise and regain the control...till then, i am loving the belly and watching it grow.

and on a parting pic, these are the beans...lil man loves nothing more than to pee off the deck, and baby T tries to mimic this....makes me smile everytime.

Off to do some prep on dinner...hugs and sunshine to you all, and don't forget to let me know your here, I love to read your messages!
Chels.....we miss you......glad that you are having a wonderful trip, and I am gonna try and be more vigilant about these updates so that you stay up on our world way out yonder in Seattle! Love you!

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

hearting falls arrival

hey all, lil man and I have been busily gardening at the end of the day preparing our bellies for some fresh bruschetta this weekend with friends. The weather has been too beautiful for words, and we are loving being sunkissed and filled wish fresh fruits and veggies.

I am however loving the chill in the air when we awake in the morning. So I must say, I am anxiously awaiting the lots of apple picking, applesauce making, pie baking and turkey goodness that fall has to offer. Though I do not want to wish away the summer daze....

These days have been filled with lots of bonding time, animal crackers, movie madness and snoozies, as I still can't drive, but surprisingly I don't think the kids have run out of stuff to do, after all, there is always something new to break, take apart or spill. Gotta say, I am not loving leggos. how many times do you think
miss T can dump a full box before she gets bored...oh, and her new favorite word is "Mess" Too much they are these kiddos.

Nin, Sending crazy birthday loving and some virtual chocolate covered blueberries your way of the Trader Joes variety...if I could drive, they would already be on your kitchen table....missin you something fierce....

S.C. - am giddy with joy about seeing your face this weekend. I cannot wait. So much catching up to do

hugs all...

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

just hanging, healing and harvesting....

hey all, (are there any readers left?? I have been such a delinquent poster, that I imagine not, but hell, I'll fill y'all in anyhow...) feel free to comment guys, though, I love to know your out there and reading!

been a CRAZZZZY few weeks. as I posted last time, I fell and broke my foot, as it just so happens, I also damaged a muscle behind my knee while doing this, urgh, so after being laid up and waited on for a few weeks, I was given a soft cast, which is more or less like a big ole ski boot, and anyone who ski's, knows exactly how comfortable those are to walk around in. BUT, I am not complaining, as I have been able to at least put some weight on my right foot, yup, my RIGHT FOOT. that means NO WHEELS. urgh. So, still no driving, but we are getting there. I have had a tremendous amount of help from, my hubby, my folks, my sis and her bo, and my aunt and grandmother etc. so big props to all of them for putting up with me, who is not at all happy about sitting in the house.

so, we have been crazy busy, the folks surprise 30th anniversary party went of without a hitch, lots of yummy food, some surprised rents freshly back from Italy, and me, sitting on the couch as much as possible, as I had just fallen a day and a half previous. It was amazing that we were able to pull this one off! But it really was wonderful to see everyone.

the rents bash was followed by a wedding shower for my sister in law, at my place, that also went off without a hitch, more yummy food, (I am dying for those chocolate covered blueberries for trader joes....) lots of happy ladies, and some fun gifties.

whew....finally some time to rest. Oh no wait, just kidding, the kids then came down with some fever virus that produced a horrible rash, and a hubby with a migraine that landed him in the ER....TWICE. Nope not joking. Thanks dad for driving us and hanging with us, and mimi for manning the sleeping kiddos.

But enough of the chaos, we really are doing well, and in good spirits to boot.
(no pun intended) we have gotten to spend some good family time together and are enjoying that. I am also starting to be a little more able to take some duties on around the homefront.

My garden however neglected, as it is a long walk (for me) on uneven terrain, is doing beautifully.

Lil' man and I went out today (I BEGGED my hubby to let me) and harvested some fabulous tomatoes, an acorn squash, some cukes, and two peppers. I am thrilled, as I was so excited to spend my summer in the garden and it hasn't exactly worked out as such. My basil is also a happy guy, as are my chives....

Oh, and as a last bit of exciting news, to anybody who has read this far,

a lil' bean will be joining us around valentines day....we are very excited, and are looking forward to more craziness....

hugs to you all, and happy harvesting to my fellow garden groupies....


p.s. nin - did you get your package? just wanna make sure there isn't some yummy soap a la whole foods melting into your porch somewhere....