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Thursday, April 26, 2007

birthday madness....

hey all,

just a quick post to send mad love out to all who called the beans yesterday and wished them a happy day. They were simply over the moon to get so many wonderful wishes, and birthday love came by way of the mail and e-mail too...lucky beans they are indeed. M turned 4 and T turned 2, with baby bean reaching the 3 month mark on sat, and bry turning 29....there is alot going on.....

we had a lovely day yesterday soaking up the sun, playing at the playground,wearing their matching tie-dyes... a picnicky lunch, and so much more...followed by a visit from pa and mimi, with their much anticipated gifties. The big bean has been lovin' on his fisher price digital camera ALL day, and slept with it right beside him last night...and little T's jewelry box overflowing with "pretties" is just deeelightful to her! I came out of the shower this a.m to T with 12 necklaces mardi-gras girlie....

Bry's b-day is on sat, so we spent the morn' spoiling him - of course with out his knowledge and now we will start busying ourselves with preparing for all the party chaos that this weekend will bring! T and I went to the garden store and picked out lots of pretty daisies to plant - her in her sun hat, to die for...and benji snoozin' away. She has taken so nicely to the idea of birthdays, and now anything that she for her"bird-tay." Today she wanted some milk to drink for her bird-tay, later flowers, a muffin, etc. fun is!

The big bean is out working with Pa for the day, so with much to do, I wish you all a happy, sun filled spring day....

hugs, A

Tuesday, April 24, 2007 genes.

conversation this afternoon while headed out for a short car ride...

m:: "mommy can I bring this stick in the car?"

Me::"No sweetie."

m:: "but why?"

Me::"because I said no."

m:: "but I want to, pleeeeeeease...why can't I?"

Me:: "because it is sharp and if I stopped short you could poke your eye out, than you wouldn't be able to see my beautiful face everyday telling you how much I stinkin' love you."
door slams, I go around the van, start the car, pull out of the driveway, and one minute later....

m:: "Oh mommy, don't be silly, I could use the other eye."

I *heart* my children.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

back in buisness

ahhhhh...let's all breath a collective sigh of relief. My big man is back, newly re-engergized and chock full of spring sunshine, the kiddo is high on life, and spring, and getting ready to garden, and his little bro and sis, and AHHHHHHHHH....

I couldn't be happier. ONE TIME OUT ALL DAY. That my friends, well, that is stinkin' HUGE.

The big guy had his birthday party for school friends today...he opted for a make your own pizza party at our friends' restaurant, 7 - three year olds...DEEELIGHTFUL.... BUT it was fun. I have to admit, I didn't sleep well last night. I
was slightly...(read paralyzed with fear) that it was going to be a total disaster. I already feel like many of these parents see me a bit as a nonconformist-red-neck-hippy-walking-disaster, that comes down with a wicked case of verbal diarhea EVERY time I am around them, HOWEVER, everything was wonderful. The kids and parents seemed to enjoy themselves, and alas, it is DONE, at least til the big BBQ next weekend, but that is at our house, and I love entertaining here...and , and,and,and....
T-bo was a blast at the party, a total charm, as she always is, ran around with her balloon like it was her job, batting her eyelashes, and she made a damn good pizza I must say....
and the baby bean slept through the entire party, which was I was really able to jump in and help...

oh yeah, and it is 80 degrees here, which has made everything seem like it is wonderful....rosey even...

On other fronts, I must give mad props to hubs this, in honor of the big man, I am doing a ten reasons why list...

so, here goes, ten reasons why I love my man...

10. I love my man beacause, he will empty all the chunk-ass disgusting milk encrusted sippy cups i find shoved under couches/car seats/ blankies, and he won't gag.

9. because no matter what I do, he more or less always has this look on his face...usually in regards to how much I spent on food at Whole Foods....

8. because when Baxter eats out of the garbage that I inadvertantly probably left in a place he can get to it, he will clean up the toxic waste like it's nobodys buisness, and only laughs a little bit at me dry heaving while he does it....

7. because when I ask if he thinks we are done having kids, he still says MAYBE....hi, uhm, what planet are you ON.

6. because when our almost-about-to-be-on the verge of turning 4 years old - son, decides that he is ready to start wiping himself - READ----> uses one entire roll of toilet paper without tearing it once , fed directly into the toilet in order to do so....and I decide to "give it a shot," and flush anyway, he doesn't get mad, he nobly dons rubber gloves and scoops the nasty mess out of the potty, and can EVEN laugh about it that day with me....

5. because he helps the kids open their gifties at their parties, because I A. SUCK AT IT, and B. really SUCK at it.

4. because he is ALWAYS shocked when the littlest bean pees in his own face while he is changing him..

3. because he will watch the kids while I take a half hour long hot shower, even though I advertised it as a 5 minuter, and just can't seem to get out...

2. because at night, no matter how tired he is, he lets me "debrief," with him for hours about certain things going on in our lives that he would rather have a crazed donkey chew on his toe-nails than listen to, but he lets me anyway, than does the very best possible job trying to figure out what in the hell I am talking about when I ask him if he is listening to me...

and, not to get sappy, cuz sappy is a bore, but the #1 biggest most important reason that I love my hubs, is that he is hands down, the most amazing daddy to these beans, and most amazing hubby to me that I could ever have imagined/hoped/desired that he could be....

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

payback is a five letter word....and it starts with M

holy train-wreckin' over here. My big bean is putting me through the wringer. I know this crazy-ass nor'easterin weather isn't helping anybody, but jeez....
when I was - oh, say 16ish,
I was a total terror. Drove the folks crazy. Talked back, rolled my
eyes about as far into my head as they could go, partied hard, and
thought I was at the top of my game. So much so, that one day, my
father - who remains to this day, one of the calmest, and kindest
people I know, came home from work to my attitude ridden BS, and put his fist through the kitchen wall. Uh, and then I
was terrified, heart racing, adrenaline, all that jazz. I didn't get it
then, but my oh my, I get it now....

My big bean - almost 4 - is into some bad habits. talks back, screams when
he doesn't get what he wants, temper tantrums, and actually took a swat
at his big daddy yesterday...uh hello, hubs is 6''2' big bean....uhm, 3
years old. WHY, WHY, WHY. No fear, of me, the hubs, or anyone else for
that matter. SO we have been spending our time on a rotation....time
out step - time out in your room - blah, blah, blah....NO FUN, and last
night ensued the battle of a lifetime, where bean was only allowed out
of his room to eat his dinner and then go back to bed. He seemed to
finally get it though and was a barrel of "i'm sorry mommy, i'm sorry daddy, i am so mad a me, these eggs are delicious, thank you for making my dinner, i love t-bo....and, and, and" sweetness I tell yah.
So mama's, any tried and true methods for this madness? I am at wit's
end here. We have opted for the time-out go around, but I am not sure
it is working. A neighbor suggested Tabasco
on the tongue for the talking back, but I could never do that to my
children, for several reasons - A. it seems inhumane - b. a bit
abusive, c. my big bean, probably wouldn't have any tastbuds left by the time he was five....
mama's...let me know in the comments....puleasssseeeee.....

on the other hand, life here has been chock full of pj parties, movie days, popcorn snacks and lots of indoor play. where is the sun????????????

the littlest bean is amazing and smiles and coos the day away amidst the chaos...

t-bo is fighting the toddler bed, and insisting
that Benji does not need her crib, so the poor little guy is stuck in
the bassinet until she gives it up....hmmm....poor planning on my part,
must make note, kids closer than two years apart....hmmmm...

anyhow y'all, sending peace and sunshine your way, - send some my way....

Hugs, A

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

feeling re*fresh*ed feeling refreshed...

packed up benji-bean and headed off to Whole Foods at 8 am and LOADED up on fresh fruits, veggies, cheeses, organic chicken, breads and did i mention FRUIT. The local grocery store chains were so not doing it for me, and I was starting to dream about whole salivate at the thought of a fridge full of good - good for you food. I played it like this, "Bry (said w/baby in carrier, keys in hand, and one foot out the door.) I know you want me to go to Big Y because it is quicker, but I am gonna go to Whole Foods instead because I just won't be happy until I do...BYE! (door closes to fast to hear response....) and it was was actually like a supermarket sweep. I went as fast as I could to get all I could imagine we would need, lingered a few times over the Crocs display, as I am desperately craving a new orange pair, and a new pair for T cause hers are starting to get to small...oops side track, anyway, I busted my way through the store, and it felt damn good to fill my fridge with so much yumminess that I had to actually PUSH the door shut and hope the smoked gouda didn't bust out of it's wrapping!

It is a beautiful day out, and I am feeling chock full of energy to play outside, work on the kiddies b-day gifties, make some fresh baked goodies, maybe hang with Pa for a bit, and, and, and.....

in the news here, t-bo busted her nose, and she looks like a little football player. She was trying to get off the couch while I was getting her dressed, and she rolled over face first/nose first onto the wood the topic of conversation is -
"I get boo-boo - I mooshed my nose on the floor."
"I dropped myself on the floor"
Oh, of course.

The boys are fabulous, the big bean is so ready for some warm weather, and is all sorts of excited about the upcoming festivities for his and Teags birthday... I am too, although I am not sure what I will use as bait after the parties are over to tame my beans....

Lots of nice visits this week, as Bry has been pulling long days, and I love to have visitors on those long, long days....

anyhow, I hear talk in the other room of painting the floor, and that cannot be good, so I must go, time to load the kids in the car, pick up an iced coffee and find some deeeelightful outdoor activity to do.

peace y'all.


p.s. Nin, I am over the moon that you are coming to the bbq, I cannot wait to see you and spend some mama-ing time with you. I *heart* you!

S.C. So stoked for a possible weekend visit....miassss you! and it was nice to chat this a.m. - your message is indeed on the machine...MY BAD.

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

a mama's joy....

it has been a whirlwind of days here, hence the lack of posts...but where oh where to begin.

all started on a dark and stormy, just kidding. but
truthfully, life has been crazy, reminding me how special all the
peaceful quiet moments I get to spend with each bean are, like thelil mama and girlie kiss, when I can brush my lips over her soft cheek and she gives a giggle and a "you love me momeeeee" whispered in my ear. Savoring those moments here.

friday was an amazing day, the big guy had an easter
egg hunt with his class, and I was so proud of him. All the kiddos were
running around crazy trying to cram as many sugar filled pastel colored
eggs into their baskets as the could, and my guy was so sweet...he
picked up three eggs, and said with big huge eyes, "look at these eggs
mommy..." he was utterly unconcerned with the madness around him and
the mad dash for candy. When everyone sat down to open their eggs, he
opened each egg like it was the most fragile treasure he had ever seen,
and picked up each jelly bean one at a time, and would ask me if I
would like one. When it was time for cake and juice, he was a please
and thank you-er every time, (as if there is a "time" for cake and
juice, and that they needed any more sugar - ) and being as
quick/politically and socially special as I am at these semi - super
conservative preschool parent gatherings as I am, I referred to the food as "crack for kids" - so smooth...nina
where are you, I soooo wish our kids were in school together so I had you
by my side to" get" these statements, and not to gape at me with huge
unsure eyes...and think - what in the hell is wrong with this girl. I
know you would be right by my side in flip-flops while it is drizzling
with our kiddies who insist on creatively dressing themselves....

regardless, fridays craziness was followed
by the most magnificent event to honor my dad. Pa has officially
retired from his job, and there was a massive party at a fancy-pants
hotel with a couple hundred people who had just the most amazing things
to say about my father. There were laughs and slide shows, and hours of
people who are the biggest fans of my dad, coming over to tell us what
an amazing man he is...not that we needed to be told, we think the
world of him already, but it was still so neat to hear all the
anecdotes and see all the people who cherish him so in his workplace
there to wish him luck in whatever comes next. It is a special guy who
gets referred to as "the reason why so many of these people come to work every day." We were so insanely proud...and still are.

Though I have yet to come up with the perfect retirement gift, as I feel like
I want to do something special, that doesn't say, okay your old, you can start wearing black socks pulled up with sandals and a fishing hat type gift, as he is so not that guy....any ideas???

anyhow, saturday brought brunch with the Vermontsters and dinner delights at the folks house, sunday a gathering with the fam to say bye to chels, mon. a visit from hubby's half sister and her mom from NJ, and tues. shots for the lil man, and a passover seder at the folks house, that was delightful...

to say, today is being spent all sorts of resetting the kids from the
madness, so alas I am savoring all those little moments...