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Saturday, May 20, 2006

been crazy!!

hey all,

been crazy here as it always is, school is almost done, yearning for long summer nights, bbq's, beach time, and plentiful gardens.

the seedlings are surprisingly happy considering all this rain we get, and only a few didn't make it...nin, looks like you are crazy underwater...kinda looked fun, although I know you guys were just making the best of a toughie...
hope you doulaing went well, sounds like an amazing experience...

t-baby is doing fabulous, she is a happy lil girl, who just loves to sleep. it is phenomenal, considering lil man didn't/doesn't need ANY sleep STILL! The kiddos are more or less climbing the walls and every time the rain stops we head outside to play and puddle-stomp....anybody know of a place to get some cool puddle-stompers for the kiddos??

lil man is doing well, he actually slept for crazy hours...loving that, and woke up in a marvelous mood...yesterday he "chopped down" my dumcane tree," with a piece of wood. I was pretty bummed as I have had it longer than I can remember, and it was almost taller than I am, but I will get over it. these things happen i guess...

hope you all are fairing well...big crazy hugs and mad lovin to yah!

oh, and if anyone knows anyone looking to buy a truck...pass 'em to me, we got one to sell....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

back on the bus y'all!

hey all! sorry again for yet another hiatus, but I am happy to finally be able to say, the PORTFOLIO IS DUNZO!!! fabulous. Only thing that bites is that I don't hear back till between sept.1 and nov 30th. oh well. nothing I can do now right???

anyhow, hope you all have been doing wonderful...I miss you all as I have been so totally pent up and portfoliod/birthday'd till I was blue in the face! It was so wonderful to see everyone, and the kiddos/we really appreciate having you all in our lives.

nin, been loving your updates, and you hair is fabulous!
I am still not done with your snail mail lovins, but I do promise now that all is quietting down I am on it!

half-thanksgivingers, I am on board for the 10th o' june! I can't wait to meet the new addition, um, adorable, but I could only see small pix!!

fania, it was so lovely chatting/venting/debriefing/ and giggling on the tele, went to woostah to see annie today, it was delightful, even hit up da-lat for some bangin' spring rolls...!

dooby, we are so happy you are feeling was so wonderful to see you!!

seedie updates, some have gone to the garden and I am happy to report doing beautifully, I expect them to be crazy plentiful, as my lil man totally dug taking care of them...

he is a rough and tumble guy, but my sweet pea still....

the big guy is demo- demo- demo these days, but I have to say, he does such amazing work....I am one lucky mama!

and the lil lady, the one year old lil lady....she is sweet...
always good for a laugh...

oh, and all the mama's happy mama's day to you all

mad lovin'