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Sunday, February 26, 2006

a cold day in vacationville

hey y'all...
PLEASE tell me you cannot think of anything more fun to do with 8 containers of stinky play dough! (just for those of you that didn't get it, it's a parking garage.) which led to the snooze on the couch....building a parking garage is hard work, don't underestimate!

here all is well, we are down two cars...delightful, and expensivo....
Lil' man has been crazy busy all day whirl winding through this clean house. And T-baby is working to get her walk on, sooooo close.

Chaffer, thank for the visit today, it was great to hang with you guys, and see your peanut smiling away with those big blue ones!

Car, thanks for the chat. I so appreciate your honesty and willingness to take the time to make me get "it." I also love to know that you check this site, it means a whole bunch to know that you care....

anyhow, big hugs and love to you all...tomorrow it's back to work....yucky.


Thursday, February 23, 2006

longing for spring

sooooo tired of the head colds, stomach viruses, runny noses. I cannot WAIT till spring. the lil mans' pattern has been healthy one week, sick for two, healthy again, sick again....etc. I just want him to be happy and healthy and to play the days away, as he should. I am not wishing away winter, but try this on...fresh garden stuff, long summer days...beach....hmmm. But I shouldn't complain, I know this is small beans compared to what some kids have to go through.

vacation week has been fine, not very relaxing, as I worry about the kiddos so much when they are anything less than 100 percent. mama's any home remedies for these little bugs??

nin, how was your vaca? it sounds like fun, I love that pink hat girl....
kevin....will you join our playdate?

hey, half-thanksgivingers I MISS YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anyhow off to make some grilled cheese for my lil construction man - big hugs and sunshine to all of you.


Tuesday, February 21, 2006

all smiles

hey y'all!
happy vacation week....minus the report cards that I have to do, and the reports that I have to type, it's all good. kiddos are doing great. Nin, I am insanely jealous that Gracie is all house is a mess! Have a wonderful trip, I am sure getting away is a good thing. We will get together sometime after you get back. Maybe even in the spring so the kids can really play outside!

I just got a note from a far away friend who may be coming to visit, that I haven't seen in years. I am so excited I feel like a little kid who has a playdate.

Not much new, had a whopping sized car repair...and bill. We will be cutting back on all the yummy Trader Joes treats for a bit! Going over to Joe's for dinner, than home to grade, grade and grade some more. Being a teacher definately has it's ups, and downs.

Dooby....are you coming wednesday???? I MISSSSSSS YOU..................

hope all is great!

hugs, Al

Wednesday, February 15, 2006


hope y'all had a happy v-day. mine was delightful. my lil man brought me a rose at school, the baby girl brought me a sweet card and my big guy got me a starbucks I can be a latte gal for awile...he loves me!

here all is as usuall, bry and the lil guy are talkin tools and doing a demolition derby on the bathroom, and I am on deck for painting and tiling! yay!

loving this beautiful weather and sending lots of love and sunshine to all you peeps out there!

hugs, A

Friday, February 10, 2006

happy friday!

gearing up for a snowy weekend!!
bummed that sunday brunch with the fam might be cancelled, but stoked to just chill out and hang with the kiddos. Made a yummy tuna casserole, and have lots of projects to work on...

nin - we will probably give a call while we are snowed in! weekends are always good for us and I also dn't work wed. and thursdays.....what is kev's schedule??

hugs all,


Tuesday, February 07, 2006

guess who went to a fire safety program....

hey all, sorry I haven't posted, been having some computer problems...I LOVE TECHNOLOGY

here all has been hectic, quiet really, but busy. T has been trying to walk, and every time I turn around and expect she is somewhere safe she is trying to balance herself and walk across the hard wood floor. M is also doing wonderful....put his Picasso like qualities to work on our brand new couch - DELIGHTFUL, but hey, we all start somewhere right....we had a nice long chat about how we ONLY write on paper, and 2 hours later, he stamped rainbow swirls all over our playroom wall....and when I looked in on him he said - "we only WRITE on paper." DUHHHHHHHh - you didn't say anything about stamping was just radiating from his aura....i love this lil guy so much.

superbowl sunday was good, good folks and amazing food, thanks y'all....

nin - thank you ever so much for thinking of us, you are so sweet....waiting for a warm day to make yours and send it, m cannot wait to meet "gwacie" he asks every night, "when can i call gwacie and say thank you...." you must hook me up with that #, and I think we should set up a long distance playdate....when are you and kevin free - i would love to see you guys!!!

kevin - sorry bout IC, that is SAD news, but not to worry, I see love in your future....

hugs y'all,

mama A