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Monday, July 28, 2008


i wish that this summer might last forever.



Monday, July 14, 2008

my drug.

*my yarrow - in full bloom*

So i know that around this time of year i am usually chock filled with juicy deets about my garden and the beans playing in my garden, and the tasty somethin's that are growing in my garden and. and. and....however, this summer it's been a bit different. i have been saving all these sweet things, spending most evenings before the bugs come out, weeding, playing, walking around in and cherishing every plant. and keeping it to myself...want to peek?

*my lettuce*

*sun peeking through the leaves of my squash plants*

*i had to pick just one*

*ah at last, tomatoes...SAFE tomatoes*

hubs and i made a decision that i needed a bigger garden this year, and a bigger garden i got. it is 3-4 times the size of the little one i usually tend to and i think i have been a bit overwhelmed. the weeds have been growing as fast as the plants, and the plants, although i firmly believe in organic growing, look as though they are on steroids. but alas, as the week came tumbling down last week in chaos due to some unfortunate doctors appointments with doctors simply NOT listening to me, AT ALL, and stress weighing heavily on my mind about some family situations needing to be dealt with, and the biggest bean having a less than stellar day attitude wise, i trudged out to the garden and worked away...i mean really worked, and magically, all my distress seemed to burn off in the last of the days sun. it was as though the roots of all my sweet tomato plants and cucumber vines were releasing a calming vibe through the soil in between my toes and everything seemed somehow, just. better. there was sweat dripping down my face, dirt caked under all my nails, staining the heels of my feet, and my heart was pounding, full of joy, peace, and balance. it was as though somehow, this was the answer. where i needed to be...

my knee was no longer aching and my stomach seemed momentarily energy was high, and i was hopeful.

my drug....

whats yours?

*my chicks and hens..*



Tuesday, July 08, 2008

why i rock,

as mentioned in previous post, M has had his safety town camp this week. today the fire department came. they gave them hats, badges, the whole nine yards.

M was over the moon.

so, just to be the COOLEST mom on the block, while bry was at work - i decided to make dinner, grill, as i do most nights - and catch the grill in a tremendous grease fire, with huge flames shooting out of the turned OFF grill.

that way, M could see the fire guys UP CLOSE. in OUR house. with a BIG truck blocking the road and EVERYTHING.

now tell me, don't i rock?

we are fine. dinner not.

also a lesson in why you should:

a. not allow children to run around in their underwear/diaper/bare ass because it is "almost" bath time - like in 3 hours.
b. not wait to pick the entire house up until after said children have gone to bed.
c. have a backup plan for dinner
d. DO not under any circumstance forget to get the dog frontline at the vet and instead try to tie a flea collar for cat off of the front of his collar - so that when the ENTIRE town VFD gets here and attempts to pet the dog...well, just get the damn frontline.
e. not unload the dishwasher all over the kitchen to allow dishes to "air dry" it makes you look a hot mess.
f. empty the trashes and leave all the bags in the mudroom because you are going to get the upstairs garbages - again AFTER said children are sleeping - again it makes you look a hot mess.

awesome. it. is. awesome.

but, i have gained some respect from the big man, who just asked me what we are going to do tomorrow because it is ambulance day at school.

i rock.



Monday, July 07, 2008

i am so at peace and happy with the way my children behave...they are kind, curious and very polite. as soon as they begin to talk we stress their pleases and thank yous, and rarely has a child of mine had to be reminded to say thanks....

that being said,

the biggest bean started a town wide safety program campy type thing that goes over safety rules,
911, fire, pedestrian, traffic laws etc. at his school.

upon picking him up from school today, we had long conversations about the neighborhood, strangers, our phone number blah, blah, blah.

then we discussed the coloring book "sarge" gave him, in which there is the age old "just say no campaign."

at the end of the book to recap the stuff i thought may have been a bit over his head, i questioned him,

me - "so m, if somebody asks you if you would like some of their DRUGS, what do you say?"

and M looked up at me with his wide open eyes, smiled ear to ear and said



Friday, July 04, 2008

summer blahs

(my first little tomato of the summer.)

lack of posting lately.

we haven't been busy...

we have been playing in the sandbox, going to the gym, eating more fresh fruit than our bellies can handle, we have been grilling, cleaning, and paying bills. lots of bills. nothing extraordinary...just a whole lot of the ordinary.

but we are not busy.

i have been doing a lot of reflecting. a lot of reading....a lot of watching the garden grow and playing in the kiddie pool with the kidlets.

just haven't been motivated to post.

i should tell you though that peanut ran away. and the tadpoles we were raising, turned out to be mosquito larvae. awesome.

kiddos are wonderful, hubs is on the mend from a back injury, and i am just trying desperately to enjoy every day that this summer has to offer, as come september i will be back to work...part time, but still, not here. this is a mental crisis for me, but i am dealing.

hope you guys are good.