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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

amidst the noise...

there has been lots of good. today i made my first trip of the season to the local garden place to marinate in all the plants and flowers and herbs and goodness. i'll tell yah, it was exactly what i needed. exactly. i needed to see all the fresh, natural, gorgeous plants just calling to me to bring them home and place them into our, i did....but i am already planing a return trip later this week.

it was such a treat. the kidlets were in tow, and actually love the place as much as i do, and it just makes it all that much more special...

otherwise things have been status quo here.

there has been moonlit playscaping...

wearing our boots in the 80 degree sun because our feet are "fricken' filthy"

there has been snack dates and lunch trips and all sorts of spring goodness....

click on this pic and look in the must...

the big man started soccer, and though i have no pics yet, as bry was working late and it was just me to wrestle with the brood, i will relay this tale...oh how i wish i had my camera handy.

toward the end of a fun practice, the coach decided that the kids would do a little scrimage. he had 6 of the children 5 boys and a girl stand in a circle around the ball, and he gave the instruction that when he blew the whistle, the children were to go after the ball and dribble it to the goal, and of course shoot. well, coach blew the whistle, and for a solid minute all 6 children stood still. not a movement. blank stares. then, the little girl, kicked the ball, took charge, and dribbled all the way to the goal. all the while, the 5 little boys, one being myles, stood still. just watching with blank stares. it was AMAZING.

i whole heartedly PROMISE to photograph next weeks practice.

happy spring y'all....

*and also, if you get a chance, send some prayers and positive our way, my grandmother is having a rough go, and we are desperately wishing her well you gram...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008


feeling un into blogville lately.

maybe because the weather has warmed and we are just loving it up. maybe because so much other chaos is happening. not really sure why.

there is just. so. much. going. on.

everyone is good though. everything is good.

hubs is desperately trying to get the new play scape up. i am watching and anticipating. if you are nearby and feel like strapping on a tool belt...i will cook dinner and toss some beers out to you. thanks to pa and david who helped get the project underway...

we are now on step 78 of 126. so really....i'll cook....

at any rate.

not much else going on...just busily trying to ready this house for upcoming goodness...

*are any of you still here? what's happening in your worlds?

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

spring things

in our backyard there is a mama fox, who lives in her den with nine or so little beans of her own. they scurry in and out of the big hole in the ground, and nurse and play and dance around. it is a lot like the inside of our den i think.

but i find myself drawn outside to the deck for hours at a time these days just to watch all the lovins.

*if you click on the pic to make it bigger you can see the mama and a few of the little ones.

the weather has finally turned, and i feel like with this comes a sense of renewal and peace that is much needed. the kiddos spend the majority of the day outside, and i feel like finally some of the cobwebs in my mind are clearing out a bit too. we have the windows all open and the little germs and winter bugs are free to go.

benji is doing well, though still trying to convince me not to stop nursing. he thinks that the more of a terror he is, then the more apt i will be to realize that all i need to do is walk around with him attached to my boob at all times than he will not pull all this nonsense. no dice little man. no dice. and M just wants to be extra. super. positive. that we all know he is not at all responsible for anything this child does. at all. ever.

hubs is working double overtime to get the yard and the new play scape ready for the children, as it was a big purchase for their birthdays. so, we have been running lots of errands, renting heavy equipment and just bustling around. T is a trooper, trying her very best to not have any accidents now that she is primarily in "big gale underwares." Yesterday on a routine trip to Home Depot, T spoke up from the back of the truck with a
"daddy i feel pee-pees"

and hubs quickly responded with a "okay T, we will be there in a minute,"


"Ok T, we will bet there in one minute, you need to hold your pee-pees."

then a horrified....

"But Daddy, We don't touch our pee-pees. MOMMMMMMMYYYYYY daddy told me to hold my pee-pees, we don't touch pee-pees, they are dirty, i don't wanna hold my pee-pees, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i wanna use a potty NOW mommy, take me to a potty PLEASE."

ah, the injustice of it all. as if. really.

at any rate, my garden is being moved and going to be two and half times the size, and i stinkin' cannot wait. i actually can't sleep at night i am so excited. so, spring is here, and lots of good things are in the making. t is turning 3, m is turning 5, and hubs is turning 30. i am busily researching his new gift....and how to make it work/get it here/pay for it etc. should be fun...

* oh, and congrats to Eric and Erin, who's new bean was born last week, Aislinn can see her beautiful face here. we are waiting for her to come home from the hospital, but so far so good. keep her in your thoughts that she continues to do well, and gets to come home to her beautiful family in no time at all.

and also to Camp and Brooke who's special little lady was born last week as well, Shennen Ella whom we cannot wait to meet also!

hug, love and spring sunshine to you all,



*also, anybody familiar with the tunes of joe purdy?

Thursday, April 03, 2008

catching up...

benjiville is kicking my arse. the child is climbing like it is his job. if you turn your head for even a moment, he is on top of the fridge with a handful of grapes and firing them at you with a salad shooter. so in light of the fact than my kid is all over the place, and won't stay out of the dog food long enough for me to type a quick post, i thought i would take advantage of nap time today, as the kid is actually sleeping

things here have been good, crazy busy and at a constant spin, but good. we have been
running around, birthday parties being planned, doing errands, making syrup. (yes, AGAIN), visiting with sister from seattle, visiting with friends, trying to suck the life out of every moment that is warm enough to play outside, working at the store, and marinating in life.

we are anxiously awaiting two new beans to the list of treasures around here, one, who should be crowning as we speak, a little giannelli and the other whom is over a week late, but a foley, so we will forgive the lateness, as it is part of their genetic make-up...

the beans here are well, everyone is antsy, as it just seems like the winter has been dragging on. we are itchy to get out and play, there are bikes to be ridden, seeds to be planted, and gardens to be loved up. so in the meantime, there has been a whole boat load of whining from the princess - and if you have never witnessed this, my god. i am trying to keep things in perspective here, but i sometime think i might fare better if i gauged my ears out with a toothbrush, a whole lot of tormenting from the big bean, and just a mess of chasing the little guy around.

m has decided that he is too busy to play anymore, and can only "work."
and poor misguided T, keeps telling him that she would like to play with him "when pigs fly."

the new game here is pretend, which t calls "by-tending," so m will pretend that his room is a zoo, and the way he cleans, it's not the far fetched really...and t "by-tends" her room is a wazzam, which translates in t speak to MUSEUM....

so, she will run in to our room at the ass crack of dawn and tell you, "you won't believe it, but is is good morning time in my WAZAAM....." and i roll over and look at the clock, and remind bry that if he doesn't put the shade back onto her window, she is just going to keep doing this, i can't fool her to sleep past 6:30 if she can see the daylight.

and the littlest bean, well, aside from being a nursing fool, and just a little bit of a terror, well, he is just such a little pumpkin. when he looks up and smiles at me, well, i think that my heart just melts a bit...he knows how to kiss, and cuddle and i think i just am totally in love with his little self.

oh, and the store GRAND OPENING, was yesterday, there was lots of folks there to hang and join in on the goodness, and i was so pleased that so many of the good peeps where around to show their support...

anyhow, hope you and yours are all doing great...