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Thursday, February 11, 2010

what's fillin' my bucket....

my bucket is full.

benji is three.

it's official.

he had a green birthday party.  

he asked everyone to wear green.

he was a total rockstar.

i swear i love him more every day.

the other beans rocked too.  

they wore green.

they played with friends...

it was a weekend full of wonderful.

of gram tap dancing in my kitchen with the girl.

which straight up filled my bucket all by itself.

of friends gathering with food and drink.

of giggles and happy shrieks all over the home....

of green snow flakes so fun i don't even want to take them down, and in fact, they will probably be up for the next several what...

of play dough, and lots of it...

and benji.  it was a week full of benji being three....

i cannot even wrap my head around it....

but in a good way.


xo, *a