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Thursday, June 24, 2010


i have no idea how 20 days passes without a peep from my neck of the woods, because here it is so freaking loud you would simply not believe it. 

so to dish a bit....

hubs and i went away for a night last weekend, after an amazing prefathersdayfoodfestivusevening, to a wedding of some dear friends, and people, i swear to you, if i could put into words the amazingness of it, i would, but there is simply no way.  there was a vibe of love all around, a sing along that simply reminded me that joy is all around us, even in  the everyday....and that i couldn't imagine having been in a better place at that very moment even if i tried....being surrounded by old friends, reliving old memories and making new was just....well, i can't.  there is just no way to express...but i hearted every second of this weekend. all of it...

*and here*
we have been busy bees here, i am trying to minimize, organize, and make sense of all the chaos in our home,  i am a saver, and that is fine, but the clutter makes me a little crazy, and i have in my midst three tiny savers, which makes for alot of clutter.
so i have been taking on a job or two a day, and we are getting there.  we have a ways to go, but we will succeed at this.

*on summer*

the kidlets and i have wrapped up school, and we are kind of loving the ease of every day life with out the schedule.  nobody cranks at me in the morning about getting ready, and packing lunch, and and and. 

there will be the chaos of camps and lessons, and playdates, but for the next few days we are taking it slow, followed by a week of beach time, which makes the beans happy happy....and their mama of course....

hubs is taking a much deserved hiking trip...for SIX.  YES SIX days.  so i will be flying solo, and in an effort to make the very most of things, we will head to the shore for the down time and lovins we so look forward to all winter long.  i cannot wait to listen to the waves crash on the sand, feel the sun beating down on my skin, and watch the beans play in nature.  it makes me whole.  


so things are joy filled.  there is lots of love swirling all around, and reconnnecting, and dreaming.  all is good.  even the shit thats really BAD, is going pretty well right now, and i am not gonna question that....just gonna keep a smile on this face and keep hope in my heart....

Thursday, June 03, 2010

on letting it be.

my list of to do's around this home, well, it's big.  super big.  but the thing is, sometimes i am so focused on the to do's,  that i miss out on the right nows.  i need to clean the floors, do the laundry, pick up pick up pick up....

on M's mothers day list of things his mama loves..."mommy's favorite activity....picking up the house."  UGH.  (especially since my house is almost always in disarray - even when it's at it's cleanest.)

people,  the right nows,  are so very much more important....

so, in an effort to focus on the right nows....

what we are loving up - RIGHT now...

*wet garden feet

*staying up late - (which leads to lots of unfun whininess during the day...)

*independence.  in some form or another - all five of us seem to be branching out and exploring our own's pretty neat.

*reconnecting with old and wonderful friends.

*plants....everywhere plants.  it rocks.

*big giant thunderstorminess in the middle of the night with lots of cuddling and chatting and awe of mother nature.

*the year winding down.  we. are. done.  we have totally maxed out on every activity, school thing, and program we are involved in, and we are ready to CHILL.

*anticipation of what's around every corner.

*working on a community garden at school for kids, with a dear friend, and our amazing husbands helping us every step of the way.

*an upcoming wedding of an old friend, and lots of hang time with a whole mess of friends that will be there....dreamy!


*a dinner date with my soul sister mama....which is much needed.

*letting go of the need to please.  it doesn't get me anywhere productive.  so i am embracing the fact that it is just going to be - whatever it will be - and that is the end of it. 

*the smell of tomato plant on my fingers after working in my garden.

*my knew that would be on here.

*a most favorite relative kicking CANCERS ASS.  cuz she rocks, and i knew she could do it. and i am so proud of her every day for finding the positive in every situation.  you rock lady.  and we love you so much.

*walks.  LONG walks with the beans.  counting "chit-muks" and looking for exciting things.

*content-ness.  yup....i said it.  being content, and happy.  i am ready to be in the NOW.  are you?