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Saturday, November 26, 2011

on just rightness.

sometimes....everything feels just right...

like family.
like patterns in the ice.
like tag on the november.
like early morning snuggles from itty bitty babies while the rest of the world sleeps.
like a house full (FULL) of sleeping people that you love more than you can express in words.
like traditions that are 2 decades old.
like new traditions that feel like an old cozy pair of socks.
like yarn on your fingers.
like giant hugs and smiles from old friends.
like bottomless glasses of red wine.
like poker at midnight.
like ice cubes clanking in glasses full of scotch.
like belly laughs....from the masses.
like 65 degrees on your face when it should be 30.
like the most ahhhhmazing bloody mary's ever to touch your lips.
like crisp clean blue skies.
like football in the fall in maine under said BLUE skies.
like beans who blow me away with the size of their amazingness.
like 10 foot waves taking my breath away.
like a bright pink tutus on 6 year olds with giant brown eyes.
like reassurance from the people you care about.

*sigh* ALL OF IT. truly...i am just as thankful as thankful can be...and i am gonna ride this vibe as long as humanely possibly....


Monday, November 14, 2011


uhm, i am so not going to write a blah blah story about where i have been...fact is, life has been INSANE. in every sense. so i have been living....that's all. and something had to give, and well, it was the blog for a spell, but we are here, and all is well....

since i blogged last, we have had two power outages lasting over a week, and man, i gotta tell you...pretty sure I will NEVER live off the grid...nope, not this mama. honestly, if i could pick up this family and move to some remote hut in the Caribbean, well, then we could talk....but stateside? it ain't happenin'. i give mad props to you all that make it work, but it isn't for me.

here, up in power-ville...

i am in a strange place of figuring out where my mind is, i have ALWAYS classified myself as a
"fall." one of my lovies once told me that i "am FALL...." and truthfully. i do love fall, but somehow, i have turned into a summer....and has kinda snuck up on me...

me and my crew have become totally and completely enamored with our summer lovins, and all the goodz that come with...and i literally used to COUNT THE DAYS till fall...and now...DAMN....whats a girl to do when she actually dreams of sand between her toes....and sunkissed skin....*SIGH*....well, i will tell you what this mama is doing...

i am resurrecting thankfuls...i invited over a whole mess of peeps, and we pot lucked, and ate chili, and wings, and ribs, and such and let the cold brisk air fill our lungs, and drank enough wine and beer to warm our souls, and i made everyone write on my thankful board, and i am taking long spontaneous road trips, and drinking pumkin flavored coffee(ha! dunkin donuts!! this girlie is going old school), and i am gathering family and loved ones, and busting out the knitting because that REEKS of fall, and i am gonna force it back in...because there has GOT to be room for my fall in there...HAS TO BE.

so....that being said, there are TEN days till thanksgiving, where we will gather with peeps we love, i will snuggle my new nephew and exhale....we are going to a beach...BEACH! true, in MAINE, where i am sure it will be COLD as shit, but yah know is STILL a beach damnit, and this mama is pretty stoked anyway.

and in the spirit of my former fall self i am giving you a list of 10 things...that i am thank-filled up on over here....

1. Baxter. so does not get enough juju in this house, but if you know this dog, you know that he is the SHIT.

2. The chaos....truly...i am falling a little in love with the chaos...emphasis on a LITTLE.

3. Ice hockey and the early am is SO fun.

4. sons of anarchy...ridiculous right? but i am SO for the whole outlaw justice system, and have told hubs numerous times that if he can find a place for us to go where a biker gang runs the IN.

5. fingerless gloves....

6. red wine...(shut up people, you knew it was coming, and lets just be straight about the fact that i have brought functional alchoholic to a WHOLE new level.) (disclaimer here, i am NOT an alcoholic, but i do REALLY love my red...lots)

7. lucas james peters. he is my new nephew, and i am smitten...and cannot wait to love up on him in just 10 days....

8. RED hair dye. (don't even ask)

9. tattoo possibilities...(this may or may not be related to #4...i mean i am not going to go tattoo a reaper on my back or anything...but still....)

and 10...*sigh* ready.....ehhhh....i am cringing just saying this in my brain, but i am thankful for storm ALFRED...shhhhhhh.....ugh, i know, but was a choatic, sad, and devastating mess, and for that, I am NOT grateful, but it forced everyone to SLOW be snuggle....i got to spend TEN days hanging with these beans, camping out in the living room, a benji sleeping on top of me to keep warm, adventuring through town, and having nowhere we HAD to i wanna do it AGAIN? NOPE...never, but honestly....a blessing in disguise i tell yah. and the bastard took my weeping cherry, but still alfred...i wont hate on yah...

okay okay, doing 11 for good measure...

11. FALL....i still love just have to get it more freak cold and cut the nonsense with the 3:45 dark, cuz that my dear, is not winning ANY awards.