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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

feeling out of update and a truck load of shout outs....

hey all,

Courtesy of Pa and Mimi, Lil man has been trying all sorts of new fun things, with Pa in tow, and so far skating takes the cake over swimming, although, not so sure Pa, or Pa's back would agree, as lil man sort of just hangs in Pa's arms while Pa pushes him around. It is insanely funny to watch though! Looking forward to being able to join them, although at this stage in the pregnancy I DON"T DARE put on skates.

T-bo is a trooper, in spite of an ear infection, she has just been a bit fussy, and the chances are that an outsider would not have even known she was uncomfortable, she is just acting overtired. She is very anxious about "benji-ben" though, and has begun demanding him to come out...."out benji-ben, come out NOW!" and when you ask her when he's coming she will get a very dreamy look in her eyes and say soo sweetly..."coming sooooon...."

in other news, I am officially done with work...can't kick this head cold, and my prinipal finally said, throw in the towel girl! So I am, officially, now home to hang and rest and CLEAN....I don't think I could have motivated myself into work clothes at this point anyway, not that I haven't been wearing fleece pants to work for almost a month, because indeed I have....if you have seen me you - you understand!

a massive thanks to carrie and mindy though, who have sworn to me that I look fabulous - I do so appreciate the compliment, whether it is true or not, as if you have ever been preggers, the last 2 weeks DO NOT feel glamourous. Though I don't feel bad, just nice to hear!

anyhow, gonna go pick up some more toys off the floor, scrub some floors and then spend the morning hangin' out....

still here, and no baby yet, which is fine by me, as the rest of the babes are sick and I would be worried to insane levels about them if I weren't here to care for them myself! T officially has her first ear infection that we are dealing with, (my first as a mama too, M has never had one....KNOCK ON WOOD,) and the kidlets and I have had just a nasty head/chest cold going on, sooooo, I am taking some down time, to nest, to chill, to sip tea, and hopefully kick this before the labor pains kick in.....
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hugs to you ALL...


A load of Shout those I haven't been able to catch up with -
Fania - post it girl, I am reading....and this weekend would be lovely if everyone is healthy!

Max - we are so proud of you, and I heart the book/box you made us, it is insanely beautiful...

Brooke, we will indeed hang ASAP. Once these kiddies are healthy! Sorry I couldn't join the girls, but I was wiped out....miss you and we will lunch soon!

Matt...feel better, we are rooting for you and hoping that healing comes QUICK...if we can do anything at all chaffer - CALL US....

K.E.A - Welcome out of is always such a nice surprise to have acomment from an unexpected source!

NINA------I am tired, need mama time with you soon. Hope your kiddies are fabulous, and just so you know, you inspire me....

MOM & DAD - thanks always for the help and support. we would be truly lost with out you both.

B& S, it was so nice to see you, and to chat. I can't wait to spend some more Q.T with you when lil ben arrives.

Chels, sorry we haven't been able to connect. Phone is tough with two fussies over here, but I have been thinking about you, and I love you and hope all is fabulous out yonder....
okay, now that I feel like I am writting a yearbook entry....
All my love y'all......A

p.s. any good rec's on some new teas??? Bry and I have been dropping the coffee as is stomach can't handle it, and I have just plain been diggin' the decaf teas....send those rec's my way!!

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

wednesday ramblings.....

morning all, and my apologies for not posting since the 8th,
holy chaos, I cannot believe it has been that long. Here all is well,
no baby yet, but one crazy mama and two anxious kiddos, and a wholelotta
peeps taking bets on the just FYI, today is the first day in
the pool of dates and it goes to Pa, if he is right - oh and HAPPY
BIRTHDAY DAD! Dad/Pa is celebrating today, and tonight we will do eats
over at our place as the temp is gonna be in the single stinkin' digits, and way too cold for the little ones to venture out in....

a bit busy here, as I am on the executive board at the preschool, and
it just so happens that registration happens as this pregnancy comes to
a close, and I am the membership chairperson...PROBABLY the most
official title I will ever have, and perhaps the most paperwork I will
ever do! Oh well, a Co-op is a Co-op is a Co-op right!

I am also buried to my ears in lesson plans galore for my substitute, and just crossing my fingers to be able to at least get MOST of them done for her....uh, yeah right. SO SO SO much to do.

Lil man, who is uhm, not really so little anymore,
started swimming lessons with Pa on Sunday, and in his own words,"I had
a little trouble in the water.." apparently we still need to work on
keeping our mouths shut in the water, but I have no worries, he will
get there, and is thrilled to go back this weekend.

So besides a bit of rambling, not much has
been going on, just been working away here and am looking forward to
some chill time. A doc's appointment today and just waiting to hear
what's going on, I have such mixed feelings, as I am sort of at that
state that I am ready to be done being pregnant, but at the same time,
I am going to miss this big ole belly and watching the little guy
chilling in there. We are definitely done makin ' babies, so this will
be the last pregnancy for me, and I just have such mixed feelings about
moving on from this stage in my life. If money grew on trees, and it
wasn't so freaking expensive to raise kids, I would have a dozen, but
there is no way for us to provide adequately for more than this, and to
give them the good life and help with there educations, and blah, blah,
blah, blah.....

SO, enough sentimental business, we will see
what the doc has to say, and on from there. Anyhow, gonna go clean this
house so Pa can chill and have his B-day dinner of Thai/ Sushi, and
Pastries from the Italian District tonight...
So, Cheers to Pa, a
night of yummy food and good company, and maybe even some chill time
with the friends this weekend, but we shall see what the weekends

hugs all. A

Nin, I seriously heart the shirts that you are
making, and wanna have a girlie gathering that you can teach me, I
wanna do some long sleeve onesies! Miss you something fierce and intend to do some doula begging today at the docs office. Wish me luck!

miss you after our spoilage of two weekends in a row....don't know
about your mugs, but let me just tell you how worth it my lip gloss
treats were....LOVE THEM.

DOOBY.....SO looking forward to hangin.

BROOKE....if you are still reading this, I hope you and Ryan are
fabulous, and I would love to get together soon....I am so sorry that
this have been to hectic to make any solid plans....saw M last night
and she too would like to maybe get together, so let's put out heads
together and make something work, you are welcome to come here and the
boys and T can tear up the house together!

hugs all, A

Monday, January 08, 2007

a mama and girlie weekend....

been taking a slight hiatus from the computer, as it is getting slow in it's old age, and hence very irritating.....

all is well here...had a nice and quiet mama and T weekend, filled with napping, visiting with a few of my girls and overall, just down time. Lil man ended up spending much of the weekend with mimi and pa, as they had lots of fun plans, and it was just plain too much truckin around for this belly.

an update on the belly, it's huge, and I have actually given up on the shirts actually covering the bottom of it....not gonna happen, and so what right???
soon soon, this lil man will join the fam, and I guess we will join the ranks of outnumbered parents, and then I think I am good to stop contributing to the population problem....

so, T and I had our girlie time, did some shopping, spoiled ourselves with some yummy lunches, and I splurged on some anthropologie treats that made me smile....

other than a quiet weekend, been working on getting hubs healthy, as his belly has been at him for sometime, so fingers crossed that it is nothing serious and that the doc can figure it out and soon....hate to see my man unhappy....

and lastly a shot of T-girl, having her first girlie playdate, with my girlfriends lil neat to watch, observe, and learn....

oh well, not much else to report here, gotta go to work, just 11 more work days, let's hope I can pull through that long. this mama is wiped....happy, but wiped....

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

and so it goes....

a new year has begun, I have so much to be thankful for and and cherish and love and take pride in, but for today, I am just gonna chill and put up these preggo feet for awhile... in the meantime though, a motion pick of the most adorable little croc'ed feet crossed and chilling in the mama-van while I drive....I know, I know, not safe, but aren't you ever curious about what your eyes miss while they are focused on something else??? I just sort of held the camera over my head and snapped to see what the lil peach does back there.....

love you all and hope your all doing well as this new year starts off....

hey girlie,

just wanted to tell you what a wonderful time I had visiting over coffee and snacks....

it was so delightful to spend even a short hour and a half drinking up our deeeelicious conversation and catching up. I am sooooo hoping to see your beautiful face again soon. The kidlets heart their gifties, and I my homemade lovins'.

Hugs and happy thoughts your way my love....