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Sunday, April 23, 2006

keepin' busy

hey folks,
sorry for the brief hiatus, and thank you to all who have been voting for T, she put up a good fight, but my goodness, some of those people, 4,000 votes in three days?? They must have some sort of way to beat the system! Oh well, I'll keep voting, but I guess I can kiss my spa trip good-bye!

Things here have been great, I was on vacation which was lovely short of a few bumps in the road, a run in with the law, and some stairs that T took a spill down, we have been well! I did work a great deal on my portfolio, though it is not done yet, I am less stressed than I was before! SOOOON.

The kiddos b-day is Tues, and I cannot believe how fast they are growing, T is actually climbing the stairs all "by self" as lil man says. (NO, these are not the steps she spilled down, those where heavily carpeted, and a result of an open door that is ALWAYS closed....)

Lil man is so excited to be turning three it is beyond his realm of normal excitement...he is ecstatic!

I am exhausted...April is a CRAZY month - chels's b'day was the begining of the month, mimi's was yesterday, Campions today, M & T on tuesday and Kate-Emma, Bry, Mindy, and my gram on friday....holy b-days.

Nina, thanks for missing me, makes me feel loved, I am sending you virtual love and kisses.

anyhow all, I will be back soon, gonna go have some yummy pizza and salad courtesy of flatbreads, and some brownies for dessert, we are celebrating our last day of vaca together, and the rain hopefully ending soon....

seed update*** all the sprouts are happy and getting big!

hugs and sunshine to you all!

mama A

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

a contest...

okay y'all, I don't usually do this stuff, but I entered Teags in a contest, using my favorite pic of her!

so i know this is a repeat, but if you wouldn't mind, it would win teags a savings bond and send mama to a posh spa in the be pampered....

go onto
then to the beautiful baby contest logo on the left
and you can vote once an hour if you feel so inclined!

love you all!

hugs and kisses.

mama al and teags

oh, and a new pic for yah

Saturday, April 08, 2006

hey all,
hope everyone is doing well...
here all is good, workin away like crazy trying to get my teaching portfolio done, and be deemed worthy of keeping my job or not. I feel like I must not have even gone to school, and studied, and student taught, and blah, blah, blah....because what it comes down to now is this damn portfolio. URGGGHHH.
It is due the second week of May, though I am trying to finish by April break, so I can have a BREAK.

Lil man is doing great, no accidents today, and he actually asked to wear "big boy underpants" this morning....good deal. He spent the day playing with mimi and pa so I could get some work done, and T-baby slept for 3 hours, then got up and played while I worked....UNHEARD OF!!

Teags is walking...amazing. She is doing really well, and is up and going at every chance she gets. These lil beans grow so fast I cannot believe it.

Chel, happy belated! sorry I didn't get to chat, but I hope y'all are having a super vaca.

Kevin, Happy B-day to yah. Wish I lived closer, your festivities make my mouth water.

Nin, I know I keep telling you, but truly really are.

S.C. - I do really wanna hang, just been working like crazy on this project. Let's chat soon, I have some new mortifying stories for you....I am quite sure you'll be loving them....

anyhow all, this mama is exhausted and gonna go curl up with a good read and some decaf joe. hugs, and tommorow looks like a garden day. so happy


Monday, April 03, 2006

happy spring y'all!

cannot get enough of this amazing weather. kiddos and I have been out working in the yard for hours every day. I feel so blessed to have children that truly love to be outside. gone are the days of tv after breakfast while mommy drinks her coffee and picks up the house, we are outside as the last bite of eggies is being swallowed, and usually with toast in hand. delightful! I spent much of the weekend getting the garden ready for seeds and saplings, and I can allready taste the sweet peas and smell the shiny red tomatoes...I LOVE SPRING....

got some crazy mail lovin' this weekend from nina g and her beautiful are an amazing woman. myles says a huge thanks for his gifties, note the little hand in the top of the pic grabbing the play dough he allready opened and is loving....
you guys are so sweet. I have to say, snail mail really makes a girl feel loved! The pin is gorgeous, and the package was fabulous. T baby loves her does the lil' man - some of our treats didn't even make it in to the photo because they are already crazy in use...and this mama is delighted. You made our week....possibly more! Thank you....

Stephania - we miss you crazy too.....pick a date girl!

lookin' like another beautiful day in the sticks here, hugs and sunshine your way...