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Thursday, November 20, 2008


this is the time of year when i am eyeball deep in thankful.

things have been tough in light of the season...i am going to keep being thankful....even though i am up to my ears in six little pink and goopy eyes, looking up at me and reminding me through crusty little eyelashes exactly what i AM thankful for.

* so alas.

the things that are filling up my thankful heart....

*cozy warm fires

*pots of steaming coffee and tea all day long

*home-made play-doh

*pies, pies, pies- every step, from the flour to the finished product...

*new slippers from l.l.bean.

*dancing around the kitchen with all three sickly little beans to fun-crazy-lousy one hit wonders from the 70's and 80's downloaded off of the apple store....

*my new class at school in the works...more on this another time - will just tell you i am over the moon about the possibilities...

*my husband. who works hard and just loves us all to pieces.

*charlie crews - if you don't know should.

*doing all 300 report cards on the computer....amazing.

*benji dumping his box of raisons on the floor and baxter actually eating every last one....i so heart baxter.

*benji washing the floor - (read benji stealing the dish soap and hiding UNDER the kitchen table while emptying the suds a little bit at a time ALL OVER the wood floor - but damn does it shine now!)

*leaf jumping with happy healthy beans

*it actually feels like november.

*being the helper in m's room yesterday and watching his little face swell with pride everytime he looked at me. (his healthy not yet pinkeyed face)

*t's love of all things girl.

*that thanksgiving is around the corner. though we will be missing some very important folks this year....chels, molls, sam and matt.....we are sending virtual lovins in all your directions.

*my custodian mike, for cleaning my room on tuesday, as i had a vomiter in my room. and so many of you know my THING about vomit. this child did not vomit once, he vomited LOTS. and all around the room, as he got up and ran in circles flapping his arms like a chicken and covering children in his path and every floor space he could find. it was REALLY something. so thanks HUGE thanks to mike. i will not go in to detail about how i dealt with the situation, as it was like living out my WORST nightmare, other than to say i was out of the room and 25 feet in front of the child the whole time coaxing him towards the nurse and "delegating" somebody ELSE wait with the other children, as my head exploded - and i tried to avoid the sympathy puke...

*somebody in our lives getting the help she needs.

*family. everything and all that is family. yup, that means you.

can i see your list?

xo, A

"What defines you in life are the things you just let go, not the things you hold onto..." charlie crews in reference to holding a grudge(life)

Sunday, November 09, 2008


so friends, the holiday season is fast approaching, and i have made a promise....

we are bringing back the love.

i am NOT going to allow the nonsense that usually make my holidays insane and full of massive tension, stress and anxiety. we are vowing to start our own traditions. vowing to do only what we can and nothing more. vowing to remember to importance of each day.

a dear friend said in a speech on friday evening...let's be human beings and NOT human doings....

i am taking on that to join?

i have busted out the sewing machine...and am all about the home-spun here is my question, so very many of you are so chock full of delightful gift-licious ideas...what have been some of the BEST homemade lovins that you have either given OR received....fill me in*

happy sunday!

love you all to pieces.

Thursday, November 06, 2008

a new day.

so, exciting things are happening....these are times of change, and i am so excited to be part of excited that my peeps are part of them....

last night during thankful, myles declared that he is thankful for Barack Obama being the next president...good work myles, i think i was 18 or 19 before i gave a shit.

at any has been rough...the biggest bean was down with a TERRIBLE with 104.5 temp, for close to 8 days. amazing...he just sat on the couch with his eyes closed - it was so so sad.

but it passed. and now...

T has it.

horrible. she is a bundle of fever and blankies and MESS.

and benji scaling the walls and throwing things at all the

he is always into something, and cannot be left to his own devices. ever. period.

haven't left the house in 3 days. except to vote...

xo, A