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Saturday, August 04, 2012

*do you ever...*

i havent blogged in 8 months.  8 freakin' months.  not for lack of love for this space, not for lack of desire to post...but life.  life got too crazed....we were those over scheduled people i swore we would never be...and i thrived on the chaos...the magic, the total insaneness of it all...and in the blink of an was summer...and it was beach time...and these kids...these kids just did their thing, and it blew me away.

this summer has been a wild ride.  my crew is amazing...but summer has been a mental roller coaster...some good, some great, and a whole mess of so super messy all mixed grams is crazy sick, and life gets weird when you have to slow down and think about how much its gonna suck when one of your rocks is gone.  its hard and its sad, and sometimes things just plain SUCK.

but even through the suckage, there is sand.  there is sun on our faces, and waves rolling in, reminding me to smile, to exist...because everyday is a gift...and there is good, in EVERY day, even the wicked shitty ones.